A revolutionary new approach to orthodontic treatment from America.

As one of Glasgow’s leading orthodontic providers, we aim to offer our patients the full range of treatment options including premier brands like Damon.

Damon braces are similar to our conventional fixed braces; they are fixed to the front of the teeth and come in metal (Damon Q) and clear (Damon Clear). Where they differ is how the wires are attached to the brace. Rather than using conventional elastics, Damon braces have a small clip within the brace which lightly holds the wire in place. This means that there is less pressure on the teeth and therefore reduce discomfort throughout treatment in most patients. An additional benefit to our Damon Clear patients is that without elastics, the brace does not stain and stays virtually invisible until the brace is removed!

Hollywood Smiles

Of course the final result is the most important outcome of any brace and Damon braces have additional features which allow us to create amazing smiles.

Firstly, they tend to 'expand' smiles. If you’ve ever heard the term 'Hollywood smile' the image that comes to mind is that of the big, wide grin of a celebrity. This is what Damon braces are designed to produce and in the right situation deliver outstanding results.

Secondly, Damon braces offer state of the art digital software to customise every brace to each individual patient. Known as 'Insignia', this service allows us to design our patients' smiles to the last millimetre and then accurately transfer that to the teeth. This means that treatment takes less time and the results are superior!

Benefits of Damon Braces
  • Less treatment discomfort
  • Virtually Invisible (Damon Clear)
  • Easier brace cleaning
  • Wide smiles
  • Faster, more accurate results (Insignia)
Further Information

We are the leading providers of Damon braces in Glasgow and would be happy to discuss this fantastic treatment in more detail. If you’d like to learn more, have a look at the Damon website: http://uk.damonbraces.com and have a look at the My Smile consult: http://mysmileconsult.com/


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