Invisalign in Glasgow: is it right for me?

If you have been thinking about getting your teeth straightened and done any research into what kind of braces are available, you may have come across clear aligners such as Invisalign. You may have heard all kind of fantastic claims about what these braces can do, but here at Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, we like to err on the side of caution when it comes to Invisalign.

Invisalign-in-GlasgowInvisalign is, without doubt, a great treatment and we recommend it to many of our patients. However, we prefer to use it for mild misalignments of the teeth and simple treatments only. We feel that this is where it does its best work.

Deciding on Invisalign in Glasgow

How do you know what kind of treatment you need? The first step is to come into the surgery for a free consultation. We can talk you through what kind of treatments are on offer, and timescales and costs.

We can also book you in for an assessment with one of our experienced dentists. They will check your teeth and jaw and see what kind of correction, if any, you need. This may include taking x-rays and 3D images of your teeth.

If your teeth are crooked or protruding or you need a simple bite correction in Glasgow, Invisalign could work for you. And there are great advantages to having treatment with this kind of brace.

Benefits of Invisalign in Glasgow

Invisalign aligners are clear so no one will know you are wearing them. Great if you have a public-facing job or already feel self-conscious about your smile. They are removable so you take them out for eating and drinking anything but plain water. No issue with food getting stuck or difficulty in cleaning your teeth. And because they work on simpler misalignments, treatment time is faster than for traditional braces: 6-18 months.

The aligners are also custom-made using 3D technology. Your dentist will create a digital treatment plan at your initial assessment, which means you can see how your teeth will look by the end of the treatment, before it even starts. And because they are uniquely contoured to fit your mouth, they don’t make your gums sore.

A quicker way to a smile with straighter teeth

How we feel about our smile can have a huge impact on our life. If you feel too self-conscious to smile or laugh, it can make social and professional interactions more difficult. Smiling is social glue – it helps to form and build relationships and puts people at ease.

When you smile, you feel more relaxed and able to open up. When others see you smile, even if they only register it subconsciously, they see you as warm, friendly and trustworthy and are more likely to feel comfortable around you.

All this means that if you are holding back from smiling because of your wonky teeth, it’s having an impact on your interactions with others.

What can you do about it? You may have dismissed the idea of having treatment with braces because of the lifestyle impact – what adult wants to wear metal train tracks for years? The good news is that, due to advances in dental technology, there are options now available for quick and discreet teeth straightening, some of which are available here at Park Orthodontics in Glasgow.

Six Month Smiles in Glasgow: what to expect

In Glasgow, Six Month Smiles braces are fast acting and more discreet than traditional braces. They use the same brackets and wires but as they are tooth-coloured, they blend into the surface of the tooth enamel and so aren’t as obvious.

Six Month Smiles in Glasgow work on the front six teeth known as the ‘social six’ as these are the teeth that show the most when we smile. This means that the realignment can happen in only six months. This is a cosmetic procedure and doesn’t correct a misaligned bite or more complex issues.

Find out more

If you are wondering whether Six Month Smiles in Glasgow could be the right treatment for you, drop us an email or call into the practice today and talk to our warm and welcoming reception team. Have a free 10-minute initial consultation with our experienced treatment co-ordinator to talk through the basics of the treatments we offer. If you would then like to investigate further, they can book you in for an assessment with our dental team.

What is an orthodontist?

Everybody knows that our teeth need regular check-ups at the dentist. But unless your teeth, or those of a family member, have required more in-depth care, you may not know what an orthodontist does.

If your jaw or teeth are misaligned, you may need to see an orthodontist in Glasgow. They are dentists who improve the bite and work to give you a straight set of teeth. Orthodontists all qualify as general dentists then go on to complete further specialist training in orthodontics.

Benefits of seeing the orthodontist in Glasgow

Orthodontic work has obvious aesthetic benefits: an orthodontist in Glasgow can correct crooked, gappy and wonky teeth, overbites and underbites, giving you a more uniform smile. But it’s not just for appearances sake: seeing an orthodontist in Glasgow can also improve your oral health as aligned teeth are easier to clean and keep free of plaque and bacteria.

Tools of the trade

At Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, we use many different orthodontic appliances to help you to straighter teeth. Due to our work with adult patients, we know the value of providing a range of discreet options to minimise the lifestyle impact of seeing the orthodontist in Glasgow. This includes:

  • Clear, fixed braces
  • Lingual braces that fit to the underside of the teeth
  • Removable clear aligners
  • Fast acting braces
  • Mini braces.

Each appliance needs to be cared for and maintained differently. We offer a range of guides on how to care for your braces and how to keep your teeth in great condition while you are having treatment.

After your treatment with braces is complete, you’ll need to wear a retainer for up to a year to make sure your teeth stay in their new positions. We can also offer guidance on how to keep your retainer clean and well-maintained.

Call in and see us today

If you want to find out whether you could benefit from a visit to the orthodontist in Glasgow, drop into our practice today for a free 10-minute initial consultation with our friendly treatment co-ordinator. They will talk you through the treatments we offer and can book you in for an assessment with our orthodontist in Glasgow.

Braces in Glasgow: the low-down

What are your options for teeth straightening treatment in Glasgow? Braces these days come in all shapes and sizes: some use brackets and wires, some are hidden, some are clear, some are removable: which is the right one for you?

At Park Orthodontics in Glasgow we offer many different types of braces. We know from our work with adult clients over the last 45 years, how important it is to provide braces in Glasgow that not only offer an excellent result, but also have a low impact on your lifestyle. Here’s a rundown of our treatments.

Clear, fixed braces

These are made of brackets and wires, the same as traditional braces. However, because the materials they are made of are tooth-coloured or clear, they blend into the surface of the tooth. They are made of ceramics or clear crystal sapphire. Fixed braces give us control over each individual tooth and means we can treat a wide range of misalignments in this more discreet way.

Lingual braces

These are also made from brackets and wires, but are fixed to the underside of the teeth and so can’t been seen. These are the most discreet braces we offer. Lingual braces are custom-made for each tooth, as the profile of the back of the teeth is different in each patient. They are made from metal. Almost any misalignment can be treated with lingual braces.

Damon braces

These are fixed braces that don’t use elastic to hold the wires. This means that they are easier to clean and less likely to stain the teeth.


These are clear, removable aligners that fit over the teeth and gums like a mouth guard. They can be taken out for eating and cleaning – no brackets or wires. They treat mild to moderate cases of misalignment. They must be worn for at least 20 hours a day to be effective.

Six Month Smiles

These braces work on the front six teeth and offer only a cosmetic adjustment. Made of clear, tooth-coloured wires, they work in just six months.

Drop in

To find out which braces in Glasgow will work best for you, call into the practice for a free 10-minute consultation with our friendly treatment co-ordinator.

Making you smile

Crooked teeth are a common complaint for people who would like to improve their appearance. Sadly, many people are unhappy with their teeth, which makes their social and professional life feel challenging. Some patients tell us that they hide their teeth when they laugh and feel inhibited about talking to people. Many choose to put up with their unsightly teeth because they are worried that having braces is costly, time consuming, unattractive or uncomfortable. Our patients at Park Orthodontics have benefitted from a system of braces called Six Month Smiles in Glasgow, which works very quickly. We are proud to offer people in Glasgow Six Month Smiles as it contributes to great oral health and also saves them money as the treatment time is reduced compared with other treatments.

Can I really have straighter teeth in six months?

People have lots of reasons for wanting their treatment time to be as short as possible so Six Month Smiles in Glasgow can be very helpful. It is not suitable for severe misalignments, but if your smile can be improved by moving the front teeth, which are the most visible, then this treatment could work for you. The fixed brackets are virtually invisible and the wires are tooth-coloured, so you do not need to worry about ugly braces.

What happens when I have Six Months Smiles in Glasgow?

The first step is a consultation with our dentists to see if Six Month Smiles in Glasgow can help you. It is important to ensure that your teeth are healthy before we start, so we carry out a comprehensive check, including taking impressions and photographs. This means we have a good overview of the state of your mouth, as well as the correct information to ensure that your braces fit correctly and that you end up with the results you want. We carry out regular check-ups during treatment and supply you with a retainer to wear. A retainer ensures that, when you are happy with the position of your teeth, they stay where they need to be.

To find out more about Six Month Smiles in Glasgow, do make an appointment and see how we can help you.

Does your smile stand out?

A great smile lights up the face, but if you have teeth that are crooked, spaced too widely or crowded, then people may notice you for the wrong reasons. If you feel self-conscious about how you look, then social situations and even having your photograph taken can feel challenging. You may have considered braces, but then dismissed the idea because you thought they would be unsightly, time-consuming, inconvenient or uncomfortable. Many patients in the same position have benefitted from a range of modern braces. Glasgow is home to Park Orthodontics and we are proud to offer techniques that make having your teeth straightened a more acceptable procedure.

Braces that fit in with your lifestyle

Most adults would prefer that their braces do not make them feel conspicuous. Luckily, you no longer have to tell the world that you are having your teeth straightened, as modern methods are less obtrusive than ever before. We offer effective braces in Glasgow that give you the smile you dream of without affecting your everyday life. The Invisalign system uses a series of almost invisible clear plastic trays that are individually made to fit your mouth. They are changed every week to 10 days to gently guide your teeth into a new position and removeable so you can take them out for eating and cleaning. Another popular option for patients who have had braces in Glasgow is the Six Month Smiles technique, which uses very discreet clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires. For the ultimate in invisible, we can actually fit the brackets behind your teeth so they are completely hidden.

Why have braces in Glasgow?

The first thing other people will notice is that you have a more attractive smile. What many patients do not realise is that correctly positioned teeth are also healthier. This is because they are more stable and there are fewer gaps in which plaque can accumulate. Straighter teeth are easier to clean and you avoid the risk of decay or gum problems. Having braces in Glasgow can improve your dental health, as well as enhancing your appearance.

Invest in your smile and oral health and talk to us today about having braces in Glasgow.

A focus on straighter teeth

People want to correct crooked teeth for different reasons. They may be worried that their smile does not look great, experience discomfort or find that they have difficulties with eating or speaking. If you are familiar with any of these problems and you choose Park Orthodontics as your orthodontist in Glasgow, we can help. We accept referrals from other dentists as well as attracting our own patients. Anyone who makes the commitment to having treatment is actually making a long-term investment in their health and wellbeing, as straighter teeth look better and function properly too. Having your teeth straightened used to mean having a mouth full of metal for months on end, but there is a range of alternative option available now, including clear braces and hidden braces.

What are the benefits of seeing an orthodontist in Glasgow?

Many people seek treatment from a Glasgow orthodontist to improve their appearance and this is certainly one of the more obvious outcomes. Teeth that are properly aligned are also easier to clean as there are fewer gaps, which trap plaque. Correctly positioned teeth are also more stable as they are properly supported and less likely to move around in the mouth, get damaged or become loose. We can discuss a full range of braces with you so that you can get the most appropriate treatment.

Fitting in with your lifestyle

People trust us as their Glasgow orthodontist for many issues, from resolving crowded or poorly spaced teeth to aligning upper or lower dental arches and correcting the bite of the teeth. A good bite allows the upper and lower sets to meet and work together properly during eating. Many patients choose clear plastic aligners that are removeable or fixed, or braces that attach to the back of the teeth. The latter option is completely hidden so it is impossible to see that you are having treatment unless someone is looking right inside your mouth. These are called lingual braces and avoid damage to the enamel on the front of the teeth, ensuring that their appearance and strength is not compromised.

Our experienced team looks forward to discussing how seeing us as your Glasgow orthodontist can help you.

Are you proud of your smile?

So many people long for straighter teeth, but have resigned themselves to a lifetime of feeling disappointed with what they see in the mirror. If this sounds like you, then you may have considered corrective treatment but worried about the impact of metal braces. This is often the case for adults, particularly those who have a lot of contact with people in their professional or social life. Fortunately, there is a great system that can straighten your teeth comfortably, effectively and discreetly. At Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, Invisalign has benefitted many people, turning their smile into an asset.

What are the advantages of Invisalign?

Modern materials have made big differences in the field of teeth straightening and people who have Invisalign in Glasgow tell us that their braces are almost invisible unless someone is trying to see them. The aligners are made of clear plastic, so you can smile without feeling self-conscious. They are also removeable, so you can take them out for eating and cleaning or even special occasions. This combination ensures that the impact on everyday activities is minimal and that the aligners fit into your lifestyle. For our patients in Glasgow, Invisalign is popular as it is a comfortable, effective way of straightening teeth that does not carry the same negative associations as traditional metal braces.

How can I experience Invisalign in Glasgow?

It is important to attend an initial consultation in which you can ask any questions you may have and we can assess the state of your mouth and take measurements. Invisalign aligners gently reposition your teeth and are individually made to suit your mouth so you can get the results you want. Your aligners will be changed every week to 10 days so they adapt to the changing position of your teeth. This means that they continue to guide them into the right place for the smile you want. You can try Invisalign in Glasgow and join over four million people who have benefitted from it worldwide.

Having Invisalign in Glasgow could be the start of a brighter future and a happier smile. Make an appointment with us to discuss whether it is the treatment for you.

Reveal your smile

If you are unhappy with your smile or hide your teeth when you smile or laugh, Six Month Smiles in Glasgow at Park Orthodontics can help you. Six Month Smiles is an innovative system designed for adults with crooked, spaced, or misaligned teeth.

Six Month Smiles in Glasgow are clear braces that are used to gently straighten and align your teeth and, as the name suggests, your treatment can be complete in an average of just six months.

Six Month Smiles is a dental treatment that will give you your ideal smile faster than you ever imagine. Six Month Smiles in Glasgow has all the advantages of metal braces, but with minor changes to the process to make it quicker and easier.

We know that not all patients want to spend two years of their lives (especially adult lives) wearing metal braces. If you have been dreaming of a perfect smile, but don’t want to give away a year or more of your life, Six Month Smiles could be the ideal solution for you.

How do they work?

Six Month Smiles uses brackets and wires, just like with traditional braces, but these brackets and wires are tooth-coloured so that they can be less noticeable because they blend in with your teeth. They are also smaller brackets and will allow you to maintain your appearance even while you wear braces.

Six Month Smiles braces are designed to apply small amounts of force to shift your teeth into their new and improved positions.

Can I have Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles braces can improve many dental issues including correcting crooked teeth, as well as overbites and underbites. Six Month Smiles in Glasgow can also help with issues of dental overcrowding and gaps in your smile.

First, you will visit one of our dentists here at Park Orthodontics to discuss your smile goals. At the next appointment, they will fit the braces to your teeth and make all the necessary adjustments. After this is done you will be well on your way to a straighter, more attractive smile and after just six months, you’ll be loving your brand-new, healthier smile.

Tackling crooked teeth with braces in Glasgow

When we see movie stars, models and musicians we love on TV and any other media outlet, we often wish we could have teeth that look that good. Thanks to modern dental techniques we can achieve that.

One of the most common issues people have with their teeth in the UK is their alignment. The perfect smile is considered to have great symmetry and the teeth and gums should be in harmony.

Because of the increase in demand for alternative teeth straightening treatments, we have seen a surge in innovations. Braces in Glasgow can now straighten teeth faster than ever and with less visual impact than in the days of traditional ‘train track’ braces.

Teeth straightening options: Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a modern treatment that works on the same principles as traditional braces. It has been developed to give patient’s teeth a quick boost.

The average treatment time for Six Month Smiles is, you guessed it, six months. These braces are also made from clear and tooth-coloured materials that help them to blend into your natural teeth for a more natural look.

Six Month Smiles treatment is shorter than traditional braces because it focuses on the front six teeth, those that are visible when we smile. This is why Six Month Smiles is considered a cosmetic treatment.

This treatment is perfect for people who may have had teeth straightening treatment in the past and would like to bring their teeth back to how they were upon completion of their original treatment.

Teeth straightening options: Invisalign

One treatment that hardly has any metal components is Invisalign. This treatment is truly a modern take on teeth straightening. In Glasgow, braces have changed so much that they are unrecognisable.

Invisalign uses a series of custom-moulded plastic tooth trays that work to reposition your teeth. Each tooth tray is slightly different in shape from one to the next.

This treatment benefits from being almost completely invisible when it’s in use. It’s also removable making eating much less of a hassle. It’s also much easier to keep your teeth clean with Invisalign as you just remove it to brush and floss as normal.