Nearly all brace breakages are avoidable if you follow the instructions we give you when your brace is fitted. Most of the breakages occur when a patient has been fiddling with the brace or eating chewy, crunchy or sticky food.

A breakage is not an 'emergency' unless you are suffering pain from the broken piece but please call or e-mail us to let us know: our experienced team are happy to give advice over the phone and plan your next visit to get you back on track.

Remember: Your brace is designed to be taken off one day – they are fragile!

The video below details what to do with braces problems: pain, sore teeth, loose braces, broken bands, protruding wires, or other problems with your braces and how to handle them.

broken braces

Please contact us if you have any problems with your broken brace, or contact NHS 24 on 111 if out of hours.