Cleaning Teeth

Having excellent oral hygiene is essential for anyone hoping to have braces fitted. Here are some guides you might find useful to help you achieve this:

Maintaining a clean and healthy mouth is always important and even more so when you are wearing braces. Food and bacteria can stick to the brace which causes permanent marks on the teeth if not removed effectively.

We will only offer brace treatment if a patient has excellent oral health, this means clean teeth and no decay!

This first video explains how to achieve a high standard of tooth cleaning:

Proper Brushing
Fixed Braces

Once the braces are on cleaning becomes very tricky and is one of the big challenges for all our patients over the first few days and weeks. We will give all the advice you need when the brace is fitted and sell a wide range of products to help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

These products include: Orthodontic toothbrushes, interdental toothbrushes, Flouriguard Mouthwash, mirrors, disclosing tablets, Superfloss, Retainer Brite and MIP Paste.

Please ask our members of staff for more information

This video provides excellent guidance on fixed brace cleaning:

Fixed Braces

Click here to download our Fixed Braces instruction sheet

What to do with a broken brace

Eating With Braces

The first few meals with braces can be challenging, but with a little adjustment to your regular habits you can have a normal diet during brace treatment. This short video gives a few valuable pointers.

Eating With Braces
Removable Braces and Invisalign

Aligners, removable braces and removable retainers can be taken out the mouth for cleaning. It is important that this is done correctly to help maintain your teeth and the appliance.

Click on the short videos below to learn more about the care of your brace or retainer:


Click here to download our Removable Braces Instruction Sheet

Click here to download our Retainers Instruction Sheet

Instructions for Wear and Care of Your Functional Brace