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Celebrity Teeth – Before and After

Celebrity Teeth – Before and After

Sometimes it can be frustrating wearing braces, a little uncomfortable, lots of cleaning and not as stylish as you would like.  However when you see the incredible result that lasts lifetime – it is all worth it.

In 2013 braces are more comfortable than ever and new braces such as ceramic, aligners and lingual are close to undetectable.

These celebrities have spent time getting the teeth they want – and I think you’ll agree the results are great.

Check out these confident smiles below. (and here are some before & after’s of Park Orthodontics patients a little closer to home)

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Zak Efron Before & After
Zak Efron Before & After
Miley Cyrus, teeth before & after
Miley Cyrus, teeth before & after


Tom Cruise After
Tom Cruise Before
Tom Cruise Before

How to clean braces

The biggest risks during fixed orthodontic treatment (having braces stuck to your teeth) are the appearance of marks on your teeth and gum disease.

Here are 5 top cleaning  tips to prevent this happening.  You can watch the videos here

1. Spend two minutes cleaning with your normal toothbrush after each meal and before bed

2. Morning and night, use interdental brushes to get into the small spaces under the wires

3. Before going to bed rinse with an alcohol free fluoride mouthwash for 30 seconds

4. For expert cleaning, use ‘super floss’ to clean at the gum line between the teeth

5. If you don’t have a toothbrush when you’re out and about, rinse out with tap water after eating or drinking to remove debris.

All cleaning products are sold at reception and a £1 donation is given to yorkhill children’s foundation with each purchase.  Ask for a demonstration next time you’re in! Enjoy your clean braces 🙂

Patient Satisfaction Survey Results

We recently undertook a patient satisfaction survey at Park Orthodontics as we feel it’s important to listen to our patients and strive to make their experience at our practice as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. So the results are in, see below.

Based on 200 patients:

  • 98% get a warm welcome at reception
  • 93% are seen within 10 minutes of their appointment time
  • 96% like the new waiting room
  • 96% overall satisfaction
  • 27% feel it is difficult to contact the practice sometimes

Obviously the last result isn’t so pleasing but we take all feedback onboard and feel it’s important to share all the results, not only the positive ones. As a result of this low score we are making some changes. We are a extremely busy practice but we are always trying to be as accessible as possible. We’ve updated web/e-mail/Facebook/Twitter to give more contact options and we’re looking into a new phone system, with better ‘hold/answer’ options.

It’s hugely important to us that our patients are happy and we take this feedback seriously, so thank you to all the patients who took part in our survey, we appreciate it and are working on improving all of our satisfaction scores.

Parking Charges

We’ve had some unfortunate news…the on street parking charges outside the practice have increased. Charges are now 20p for the first half an hour and 20p per 10mins thereafter.

Please remember to put enough money in the machines when you come for your appointment, no one likes getting a parking ticket.

New Waiting Room Completed

We are delighted that our new waiting room is completed.  It’s been a big project but we’ve got there in the end.  The room is refreshed and feeling modern.

We’ll have pictures up soon.  We apologies for any disruption whilst the renovation was being done and hope you like the finished result.

The team at Park Orthodontics

We support Yorkhill Children’s Foundation



Yorkhill Children’s Foundation provides enhanced medical equipment and resources which benefit sick children and babies who are treated at Yorkhill Hospital and within NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. These can include innovative medical equipment, improvements in child and family facilities and paediatric research and training.

At Park Orthodontics we’re donating all profits from the sale of toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash and mouthguards to Yorkhill.  So every time you buy any of those products from us you are helping the sick children at Yorkhill, keep it in mind next time you are low on mouthwash!

New Treatment Offered at Park Orthodontics

Damon Orthodontics
Damon System

We recently have trained in a new technique in order to remain at the cutting edge of orthodontic treatments, the Damon System.

Virtually invisible, Damon Clear has clear advantages over traditional braces and aligners. Damon Clear is part of the innovative Damon System, which combines tieless braces with high technology archwires that are clinically proven to move teeth fast and comfortably with truly spectacular smile and facial results.

Available from skilled orthodontists, Damon Clear combines the best of traditional clear braces and invisible aligners to deliver a discrete treatment experience with results that go beyond straight teeth.


Waiting Room Makeover at Park Orthodontics

We are delighted to be having our waiting room being renovated.  We are going for a clean, fresh feel.  We want our patients to feel feel at ease before their appointment, so we are offering free wifi, great magazines and a relaxing space to wait in.

We’ll also be adding some top of the line screens so that relevant information can be relayed to the patients whilst they wait.

Watch this space for photos!