Braces in Glasgow

Braces – your choices and what to expect

Braces are devices that align and straighten teeth. They are used to solve various tooth alignment issues. This includes fixing gaps, correcting underbites, overbites, open bites, deep bites, crossbite, and other forms of crooked teeth or problems with the jaw shape. Braces can be either cosmetic or structural. Dental braces and appliances can also be used to help widen the palate or jawbone

If you are looking for an improved smile, the chances are you will need to wear one form of brace or another. So, what are your options? Here at Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, braces are our speciality. We have a range of options to help you achieve a beautiful smile you can feel confident with. Feel you need braces in Glasgow? Here are some of your options:

Six month braces

Yes, we have a number of ways to straighten your smile in six months. Of course, we will need to determine if a ‘quick fix’ will work for you. Six month braces are not for everyone. Patients who have extreme bite and alignment issues will usually not qualify for this quick solution.

Clear fixed braces

This style of brace is similar to traditional metal braces commonly used in NHS treatment programs. The difference is that they are made from ceramic. This is very close to the colour of your natural teeth making them a less noticeable, more attractive alternative.

Lingual fixed braces

These are also similar to traditional metal braces. However, instead of being attached to the outside surface of your teeth they are placed on the inside of your teeth. This makes them almost invisible.


These are clear and almost invisible, custom-made plastic removable aligners. A series of aligners, changing around every two weeks will gradually move your teeth to the final result.

Insignia software

For all of your realignment needs, Insignia software can construct a virtual model of your teeth using a 3-D scanner. It then calculates your optimal bite and smile and calculates a customised treatment plan.

Give us a call or drop in to see us in Glasgow. Braces are our speciality, we can give you peace of mind.