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Braces, if you need them, we can help you

We know a thing or two about braces. Having helped people with their teeth alignment issues since 1972, we’ve seen all the problems that can occur with the alignment of the teeth. We have also witnessed the amazing effect teeth straightening treatment can have on our patients lives. Our modern teeth straightening techniques win smiles every time here at Park Orthodontics in Glasgow. Braces really do change the lives of our patients for the better. We’ve even won awards for our teeth straightening with braces in Glasgow

What are braces in Glasgow?

Braces are the devices we use to align and straighten your teeth. They can be fixed or removable, metal or plastic, clear or tooth-coloured. There is a whole world of choices.

Braces can straighten out crooked, crowded or gappy teeth, improving their look and functionality. They can even improve the health of your teeth. When you think about it, it’s easy to understand why straight teeth are better for your oral health than wonky ones. Why? Straight teeth are easier to keep clean of course. When you have straight teeth you’ll be able to more easily reach all those nooks and crannies where bacteria lurk. You will also be able to get your dental floss in between every tooth. This means there will be fewer places for plaque or bits of old food to hide.

Which alignment issues can be fixed with braces?

You can fix pretty much any alignment issue with dental braces. Whether you have gaps in your teeth, rotated teeth, crowded teeth, an underbite, overbite, or crossbite, braces can more often than not resolve them. There are however some severe cases in which patients will need work done to their jawbone before wearing braces. Whether you have mild, moderate or severe alignment issues, we will be able to help you.

Here at Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, braces come in different shapes and sizes. We even have invisible braces. Our range of braces can help you achieve a great-looking smile you can feel confident about. Call us today to get started on the road to a great smile.

Where to go for braces in Glasgow

If you are thinking about getting braces in Glasgow, either for yourself or a child, it is worth getting advice and treatment from dentists who have undergone extensive postgraduate training and work solely in the field of braces and alignment.

There’s been a recent trend for family dentists to get accreditation in braces in Glasgow, such as Invisalign or Six Month Smiles. The dentists attend courses that take a few days at most before they can start offering these devices. A trained braces dentist, such as us at Park Orthodontics, has been through several years of postgraduate training in this area of dentistry. At our clinic, which is devoted solely to alignment dentistry, our two dentists, Andrew McGregor, Edward McLaughlin, have nearly 30 years of experience in the field of dentistry. And Nathan Harrison is a dentist who has much experience in working with anxious children and children with extra needs.

Industry awards

Having these great dentists to help you with your braces in Glasgow, was a large part of why we have been shortlisted for Practice of the Year 2018, Dentist of the Year 2017/18 (Andrew McGregor), and Innovation of the Year 2018 in the dental industry awards.

Private and NHS

We offer private treatment as well as NHS treatment. This means that you can bring your child to us for braces in Glasgow, and if their alignment issues are not severe enough to qualify for NHS treatment, or if the waiting lists are too long for your convenience, you won’t have to begin your search for a braces dentist all over again.

Our braces in Glasgow

We offer the full range of up-to-date braces that you may see on friends’ and colleagues’ teeth. These include:

  • Six Month Smiles fixed clear braces
  • Invisalign removable clear aligners
  • Damon braces for faster, more accurate results
  • Lingual braces, which go behind the teeth
  • Inman Aligner, which moves the very front teeth.


When your teeth are finally in alignment, you will need to wear a retainer to keep them in position while the bone settles down around them. This may take some time.

How does iTero help you to get braces in Glasgow?

Using the latest technology is a great way for us to improve the journey that patients take with us when they choose to have a lengthy treatment like teeth straightening. As we will be working together for some time, it’s important that you feel like each step of the journey is as efficient as it could be. iTero helps us to achieve that during the information-gathering phase when you get braces in Glasgow with Park Orthodontics.

What is iTero?

iTero is a scanner that gathers information that can be used to create a treatment plan for teeth straightening. It works particularly well with the Invisalign method. It creates a 3D digital model of your teeth and this is used for treatment planning and execution.

How does iTero improve your experience of braces in Glasgow?

iTero completely negates the need for taking impressions. For many people, this is a difficult dental process. It used to be necessary for realignment, but the iTero scanner means that this is no longer the case.

iTero creates a much more accurate representation of the teeth than that of the models used previously. This means it’s possible to create better fitting aligners to straighten the teeth. The better they fitter, the more comfortable and efficient they are.

When a member of the team at Park Orthodontics has gathered all the information they need using iTero, they will show you what your teeth will look like at the end of treatment. It can improve your experience of braces in Glasgow when you know where you are headed and that you will be pleased with the outcome.

Finally, iTero gives us all the digital information that we need to send to Invisalign, so they can make your series of aligners. This can be sent in an instant, which speeds up treatment time and improves the level of communication we have with this excellent dental equipment provider.

If you want to know more about what iTero can do for your treatment experience and even get a look at the machine itself, contact Park Orthodontics today to make your first appointment.

How do braces in Glasgow change your life?

When you have a long-term dental treatment like braces in Glasgow, you can expect some changes in your life. Some of these will take place before and during treatment while others come into play afterwards. At Park Orthodontics, we have a team that is highly experienced when it comes to walking people through a realignment procedure. This means they can give you plenty of detail on the experiences you can expect to have.


Even deciding to have braces in Glasgow can give you a boost to your self-esteem. Adults are often under a lot of pressure to look a certain way and teeth can really affect your ability to meet the standards you have for yourself. If you had previously been under the impression that braces in Glasgow were for teenagers only, hearing the news that you can do something about issues with your smile may be quite liberating for you.


How much braces affect your life depends on the type of treatment that you have. Modern straightening methods are often designed with the patient experience in mind. This means that they tend to have less impact than traditional methods but there are still some areas where you might notice a difference:


Braces that are fixed in place can be prone to trapping food. You may need to adjust some of your food choices for comfort and to make it easier to keep your teeth clean. Once your teeth straightening treatment is finished, you can go back to eating whatever you want again.


Lingual braces are fixed to the backs of the teeth. This means that they can temporarily affect the way that you talk. This is simply because the tongue is getting used to brushing against equipment. The issue should right itself soon after fitting.


Once your braces are taken off or you have finished your course of treatment, you can enjoy a straight smile and the confidence that comes with it. Your teeth should not be adversely affected by your braces. However, you may wish to finish your teeth straightening with a clean, polish and/ or teeth whitening treatment to show you new smile at its best.

Well-positioned teeth

The positioning of your teeth affects your oral hygiene and your cosmetic appeal. Here at Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, braces come in a variety of styles to suit a wide range of dental repositioning requirements. We consistently achieve impressive results with discreet and user-friendly braces. We can help you if you have a misaligned bite, a crooked smile, or front teeth that stick out too much. Even small adjustments to a few teeth can have a dramatic effect.

The benefits of braces in Glasgow

When you come to our dental practice, our team will assess your oral health and find out how you’d like your smile to look in the future. We can then recommend the most appropriate way to achieve this.

With treatments like Six Month Smiles or Invisalign, transparent and tooth-coloured materials make the realignment appliance virtually invisible. This greatly reduces the potential embarrassment that can make people avoid having braces in Glasgow. As well as being well-hidden, the appliances are lightweight and user-friendly. When you wear Invisalign aligners, you can remove them from your mouth when you need to eat a meal or clean your teeth.

We can attach wire-and-bracket braces to the backs of your teeth, so that they don’t make a visual impact when you open your mouth.

Health improvements

When your teeth are straighter, you’ll find them easier to keep clean. This is because there’ll be fewer awkward areas among your teeth that your toothbrush has difficulty accessing. Your overall risk of tooth decay and gum disease is thus reduced.

With a properly-aligned bite, you’ll be putting less strain on your jaw when you eat. Your risk of injury is reduced and mealtimes might become a more pleasant experience.

Time and patience

Simple adjustments are generally quicker than more complex transformations, but it still takes a bit of time to achieve a straighter smile. You’ll probably be wearing braces in Glasgow for 6-12 months or longer. We’ll always let you know how long treatment will take before it begins. After it’s all over, you’ll be enjoying the oral health and cosmetic benefits for many years. Transforming your smile can improve your overall quality of life.

NHS or private for braces in Glasgow?

Much as the NHS would love to provide every child in the UK with a great set of perfectly straight teeth on a beautiful broad jaw, there just isn’t enough money to go around. This means that our wonderful NHS has put strict parameters on who can and cannot get braces in Glasgow on the NHS, and only children with severe alignment issues can receive free treatment. Sadly, the waiting lists are long and such alignment issues can be rather painful, and best treated early, so even if your child qualifies for braces in Glasgow on the NHS, you might want to think about getting them form a private braces dentist such as us at Park Orthodontics.

There are various advantages to going private. Let’s take a look at them:

Faster service

As stated above, you can get your child treated much more quickly with private dentistry, sometimes they can be wearing braces with a matter of days.

Convenient appointments

You won’t have to keep taking your child out of school for appointments, which, where braces treatment is concerned, can means several afternoons or mornings of schoolwork to catch up on. Instead, we can see your child in the evenings or on Saturday mornings.

A wider range of braces

At Park Orthodontics, we stock braces that are not available on the NHS. These are the braces that have been designed to work quickly and look good, or even be invisible. Brands such as Invisalign, Damon, Six Month Smiles and others will be available to your child. And some kids would rather die than be seen wearing clunky metal braces for months on end.

Free starter cleaning kit

Cleaning braces in an important part of the treatment. We can provide a starter kit of flosses and interdental brushes to help keep your child’s braces free from food and plaque.

Faster treatment duration

Treatments can be quicker than on the NHS.

If you would like to find out more about braces in Glasgow for children, then you can get your dentist to refer your child to us or you can refer them yourself.

Braces in Glasgow – more than simple teeth straightening

The basic appeal of braces is teeth straightening, but not many people know that they can do much more for our oral health. And they do it very well – both traditional braces as well as their invisible varieties such as Invisalign and Six Month Smiles.

At Park Orthodontics, braces in Glasgow help patients straighten their teeth, while performing other tasks which are beneficial to their oral health. For instance, we rarely think of braces when it comes to fighting tooth decay, but Invisalign does a great job at keeping your teeth clean throughout the treatment.

No more tooth decay

While it may be harder to brush and floss your teeth properly when you wear metal braces, this is not the case with Invisalign. Invisalign aligners are completely removable, enabling patients to brush and floss their teeth as they normally would. Because the aligners will stain if you have them in when you eat or drink anything but plain water, it’s really clear to see if any odd food particles have got stuck to them.

The results of teeth straightening also make it much easier to prevent tooth decay. Crowded and misaligned teeth are difficult to clean properly, especially in between overlapping and gapped teeth. Straight teeth do not overlap nor create crevices, which are hard to clean. As a result, plaque and bacteria do not build up as quickly and your teeth will stay cleaner for longer.

Prevent gum disease

Crowded and misaligned teeth can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria, which tend to hide in between the teeth and gums. Even if you brush and floss your teeth regularly, chances are that you cannot remove all these bacteria and plaque from hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. The improper alignment of teeth allows these bacteria to multiply and they can gradually start affecting the gums.

Help your digestion

Having a correct bite is really important for your digestion. Thoroughly chewing food can be difficult with crowed and overlapping teeth and if your teeth do not align properly, then you are probably not digesting your food properly. Braces in Glasgow can align your bite, straighten your teeth and restore your optimal biting and chewing function.

Braces – your choices and what to expect

Braces are devices that align and straighten teeth. They are used to solve various tooth alignment issues. This includes fixing gaps, correcting underbites, overbites, open bites, deep bites, crossbite, and other forms of crooked teeth or problems with the jaw shape. Braces can be either cosmetic or structural. Dental braces and appliances can also be used to help widen the palate or jawbone

If you are looking for an improved smile, the chances are you will need to wear one form of brace or another. So, what are your options? Here at Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, braces are our speciality. We have a range of options to help you achieve a beautiful smile you can feel confident with. Feel you need braces in Glasgow? Here are some of your options:

Six month braces

Yes, we have a number of ways to straighten your smile in six months. Of course, we will need to determine if a ‘quick fix’ will work for you. Six month braces are not for everyone. Patients who have extreme bite and alignment issues will usually not qualify for this quick solution.

Clear fixed braces

This style of brace is similar to traditional metal braces commonly used in NHS treatment programs. The difference is that they are made from ceramic. This is very close to the colour of your natural teeth making them a less noticeable, more attractive alternative.

Lingual fixed braces

These are also similar to traditional metal braces. However, instead of being attached to the outside surface of your teeth they are placed on the inside of your teeth. This makes them almost invisible.


These are clear and almost invisible, custom-made plastic removable aligners. A series of aligners, changing around every two weeks will gradually move your teeth to the final result.

Insignia software

For all of your realignment needs, Insignia software can construct a virtual model of your teeth using a 3-D scanner. It then calculates your optimal bite and smile and calculates a customised treatment plan.

Give us a call or drop in to see us in Glasgow. Braces are our speciality, we can give you peace of mind.

A new way to straighten your smile

If you’re like many of the thousands of people in the UK who want to straighten their crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth, then you probably think that all braces are the same. Many people think they look the same, they work the same, and metal braces are just what you must get for a straight smile.

But, in actuality, braces in Glasgow at Park Orthodontics have evolved greatly over the years, giving our patients more treatment options than ever. With Damon braces in Glasgow, our dentists can now correct even more orthodontic issues faster using just one system, and also help patients maintain their daily appearance while getting their perfect smile.

How Damon braces in Glasgow work

Damon braces use the same principles as traditional metal braces: brackets are attached to each tooth and through them goes a wire that gently guides the teeth into their proper positions. However, that’s where the similarities end.

With traditional braces, the wire is held onto the brackets using small elastic bands. This not only means that the wire has to apply more force to work, but it also inhibits the wire from moving the teeth as efficiently as possible, lengthening treatment times.

With Damon braces in Glasgow, the wires are held by the brackets themselves using a small metal latch. This enables the wires to move the teeth easily, which not only means they can use less force, but it also allows the teeth to move more quickly. Because of this, Damon braces in Glasgow are often able to straighten the teeth up to 30% faster than traditional orthodontics.

How do they look?

Many people find that one of the biggest drawbacks of traditional braces is that they overwhelm your smile. Damon braces have you covered there too with a clear option available. Rather than noticeable metal, Damon braces’ brackets are made of a clear plastic.

Their subtle appearance will be barely noticeable when you’re talking, smiling, or eating, enabling you to remain confident the entire time you’re getting a straighter smile.

Damon braces in Glasgow are faster, more comfortable, look better than traditional braces and they can give you the straighter smile you’ve always wanted.

Why come to us for braces in Glasgow?

Straight teeth are not just about looking gorgeous, they are about lasting longer too. Many parents are keen to see their children get their teeth straightened for both reasons, and the health aspect is why they send their kids to us at Park Orthodontics for braces in Glasgow.

At Park Orthodontics, our resident dentists Andrew McGregor and Edward McLaughlin are highly experienced in this field, and between them have treated many thousands of patients, with cases ranging from simple bite corrections to complex smile and bite makeovers. In fact, Andrew was nominated for Scottish Dentist of the Year for 2017.

Park Orthodontics has a wide range of orthodontic appliances to hand and when you come to us for a consultation, we will recommend the one that is exactly right for you.

Many people come in asking for Invisalign. This is currently a very popular way of straightening teeth, using very thin, clear plastic aligners that snap on over the teeth and, in doing so, become as good as invisible.

The secret to how they work lies in the carefully planned and positioned pressure points inside each aligner. These press on the teeth to nudge them gradually into alignment, step by step. You wear each aligner for 7-10 days before swapping it for the next in the series. It will probably take somewhere between 18-24 months to complete treatment.

Invisalign is really only suitable for mild to moderate misalignments, but we have other discreet ways of straightening teeth on hand at Park Orthodontics. If yours turns out to be a more complex case, we can recommend lingual braces. These are bracket and wire braces, which are better able to deal with complex straightening issues. Discretion come from the braces being fixed to the inside surfaces of the teeth, next to the tongue (lingua means tongue in Latin), where they are completely hidden from view.

The best way to find out which kind of braces in Glasgow are best for you is to come and have a consultation with the team here. You can ask lots of questions and talk things through before deciding what to go for.