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Straighter teeth and happier smiles

Crooked teeth can diminish your appearance. They can also detract from the health of your mouth as they are more likely to have plaque build-up and to drift because they are not supported by their neighbours. If you are tired of wondering how you look when you smile or of feeling self-conscious when you talk then you might like to consider braces. Glasgow is home to Park Orthodontics where we provide private and NHS treatment and take referrals from other dentists. Children and adults can be referred to us via telephone, post, e-mail or our website and we carry out a full assessment including digital x-rays.

How to get treatment with braces in Glasgow

The NHS will provide funding if your misalignment is moderate to severe. If you are not eligible for NHS procedures or would like to have access to a larger range of braces, then private treatment may be an option. When we see you, we will assess the state of your mouth so that we can deal with any underlying health problems first. We will then discuss with you which braces are most suitable to fit in with your lifestyle, timescale and budget. When you have braces in Glasgow we want you to be happy with your treatment and the results, so we work with you to meet your needs.

Options to suit you

We provide a number of braces in Glasgow, from traditional metal brackets to premium systems such as Damon. Both are fixed to the front of the teeth but Damon wires are held in place with a small metal clip. This means that there is less pressure on the teeth and treatment is more comfortable. There is no elastic so the braces do not stain and they are much less visible. Thanks to digital software, the braces are customised to suit you as an individual and we can design your smile precisely. Whatever treatment you choose, and whether it is NHS or private, you can rest assured that we will carry it out to the highest standards.

Talk to us today about how we can help you with braces in Glasgow and give yourself a smile to be proud of.