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Invisalign in Glasgow: is it right for me?

If you have been thinking about getting your teeth straightened and done any research into what kind of braces are available, you may have come across clear aligners such as Invisalign. You may have heard all kind of fantastic claims about what these braces can do, but here at Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, we like to err on the side of caution when it comes to Invisalign.

Invisalign is, without doubt, a great treatment and we recommend it to many of our patients. However, we prefer to use it for mild misalignments of the teeth and simple treatments only. We feel that this is where it does its best work.

Deciding on Invisalign in Glasgow

How do you know what kind of treatment you need? The first step is to come into the surgery for a free consultation. We can talk you through what kind of treatments are on offer, and timescales and costs.

We can also book you in for an assessment with one of our experienced dentists. They will check your teeth and jaw and see what kind of correction, if any, you need. This may include taking x-rays and 3D images of your teeth.

If your teeth are crooked or protruding or you need a simple bite correction in Glasgow, Invisalign could work for you. And there are great advantages to having treatment with this kind of brace.

Benefits of Invisalign in Glasgow

Invisalign aligners are clear so no one will know you are wearing them. Great if you have a public-facing job or already feel self-conscious about your smile. They are removable so you take them out for eating and drinking anything but plain water. No issue with food getting stuck or difficulty in cleaning your teeth. And because they work on simpler misalignments, treatment time is faster than for traditional braces: 6-18 months.

The aligners are also custom-made using 3D technology. Your dentist will create a digital treatment plan at your initial assessment, which means you can see how your teeth will look by the end of the treatment, before it even starts. And because they are uniquely contoured to fit your mouth, they don’t make your gums sore.

Are you proud of your smile?

So many people long for straighter teeth, but have resigned themselves to a lifetime of feeling disappointed with what they see in the mirror. If this sounds like you, then you may have considered corrective treatment but worried about the impact of metal braces. This is often the case for adults, particularly those who have a lot of contact with people in their professional or social life. Fortunately, there is a great system that can straighten your teeth comfortably, effectively and discreetly. At Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, Invisalign has benefitted many people, turning their smile into an asset.

What are the advantages of Invisalign?

Modern materials have made big differences in the field of teeth straightening and people who have Invisalign in Glasgow tell us that their braces are almost invisible unless someone is trying to see them. The aligners are made of clear plastic, so you can smile without feeling self-conscious. They are also removeable, so you can take them out for eating and cleaning or even special occasions. This combination ensures that the impact on everyday activities is minimal and that the aligners fit into your lifestyle. For our patients in Glasgow, Invisalign is popular as it is a comfortable, effective way of straightening teeth that does not carry the same negative associations as traditional metal braces.

How can I experience Invisalign in Glasgow?

It is important to attend an initial consultation in which you can ask any questions you may have and we can assess the state of your mouth and take measurements. Invisalign aligners gently reposition your teeth and are individually made to suit your mouth so you can get the results you want. Your aligners will be changed every week to 10 days so they adapt to the changing position of your teeth. This means that they continue to guide them into the right place for the smile you want. You can try Invisalign in Glasgow and join over four million people who have benefitted from it worldwide.

Having Invisalign in Glasgow could be the start of a brighter future and a happier smile. Make an appointment with us to discuss whether it is the treatment for you.

Invisalign in Glasgow: straightening for your eyes only

Why is it that when we see an adult wearing braces, it’s hard to look at anything else and we want to ask them all sorts of prying questions like ‘do they hurt?’ and ‘how long have you been wearing them?’ Imagine being them, trying hard to do their job while having to fend off strangers saying ‘ooh, your teeth must have been in a right state before’.

There’s just something about traditional ‘train track’ braces that seem to be an open invitation to ask personal questions, which is why so many of us would rather stick with wonky teeth than go through the embarrassment of all those questions.

Fortunately, over the past couple of decades, dental researchers have been coming up with advanced materials and techniques to make braces less visible, and braces wearers less self-conscious.

A clear innovation

At Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, Invisalign is proving immensely popular for dealing with mild to moderately complex misalignments. Invisalign uses transparent plastic resin trays, rather like mouth guards, that slide snugly over the teeth. These are so thin that it is almost impossible to see them.

In Glasgow, Invisalign aligners are made specifically for each patient, from impressions taken by their dentist, in a laboratory in the USA. The lab uses information sent by the dentist to plot the route your teeth need to take to reach their required alignment. Each aligner is designed slightly differently from the previous one, marking another step along the journey to a straighter set of teeth. The pressure from each slight move forward in tray design is what nudges the teeth along their trajectory.

You wear each aligner for about 7–10 days before moving on to the next one, and the number of aligners you will need depends very much on your individual case.

Invisalign’s other great advantage is that the aligners are removable. They, and your teeth, are therefore much easier to keep clean, and you can leave them off entirely for a few hours if you have a hot date or important function to attend. The aligners should, however, be worn for at least 20 hours a day every day for the quickest results.

Invisalign vs. traditional braces

Here at Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, Invisalign treatment is being recommended more and more. This is because Invisalign doesn’t have the same negative traits that traditional braces do.

We believe that straightening your teeth shouldn’t have to mean worrying about what you’re eating, and cleaning your braces obsessively.

Invisalign is a treatment that doesn’t get in the way of your normal lifestyle. You can have straighter teeth without having to give anything up, even tucking into that juicy steak.

Traditional braces

The first issue many of our patients have with traditional braces is their appearance. Traditional braces are often associated with kids’ and teenagers’ teeth. Many adults wish to avoid this and Invisalign treatment does exactly that.

Even though traditional braces have benefitted from newer materials, making them somewhat less conspicuous, they are still visible and noticeable.

Another issue that people undergoing traditional treatments encounter is the discomfort of wearing a fixed appliance. Many people experience scratching and even cutting where their braces rub against their cheeks and tongue. With Invisalign in Glasgow, hardly any discomfort is experienced with the aligners being made from smooth plastic that is easily removable.

When your teeth are covered with metal wires and brackets, they are much harder to keep clean. Even with the tools provided by the orthodontist, this can be a hassle. Invisalign tooth trays can be removed whenever you need to remove them, making it much easier to stick to your usual dental hygiene routine.

How does Invisalign work?

In Glasgow, Invisalign treatment works on the same principles as traditional braces. They adjust the patient’s teeth using gradual, gentle pressure.

Instead of a system of wires and brackets applying pressure, like with traditional braces, Invisalign uses a series of custom-moulded tooth trays that are incrementally different in shape from one to the other.

It’s this difference in shape that adjusts your teeth gradually. Your whole treatment is planned thoroughly before your treatment even starts so the process is very predictable and manageable.

You’ll just need to come into the practice occasionally so that the dentist can check how your teeth are moving.

A discreet way to improve dental positioning

When you have straighter teeth, they’re easier to keep clean and your smile looks better. At Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, Invisalign offers a method of realigning your teeth without disrupting your appearance or your day-to-day social interactions.

Your teeth will be gently moved into new positions by an aligner made of transparent plastic. It can be taken out of your mouth at mealtimes, and when you need to clean your teeth. It’s a popular way for adults to improve their dental function and appearance.

Customised procedure

When you come to our practice in Glasgow, Invisalign treatment will begin with a conversation. Our friendly team will talk to you in depth about your oral health history, and the effect you want to achieve with your realignment treatment. Once it’s clear that Invisalign is a good way to bring about the required changes, we’ll take detailed images of your mouth, to help us create a precisely-customised treatment plan.

A dental laboratory will then produce a series of transparent plastic aligners for you. You’ll wear each one of these aligners for about a fortnight, before moving on to the next one. Each subsequent aligner has a slightly different shape, so your teeth will gradually move into new positions. Typically, it takes around 12-18 months to complete this process. Your dentist will let you know, before treatment begins, exactly how long it’ll take in your case.

When you take off the final aligner in the series, it’s likely you’ll need to wear a retainer at night. This ensures the teeth settle into their new positions.

Clear advantages

For our patients in Glasgow, Invisalign is popular because it’s discreet. The clear plastic of the aligners is much less noticeable than wire-and-bracket braces that stay attached to the front of the teeth. Plus, their customised fit maximises comfort.

After treatment, the teeth have an improved appearance, and they’re easier to clean. This reduces the risk of bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay. The patient’s bite can also be improved after they’ve had Invisalign in Glasgow, so the strain on their jaw will be reduced.

Dedicated to straightening teeth

We only have one set of most of our body parts, including teeth, so when it comes to getting anything fixed in our bodies, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. Teeth straightening is a case in point. You can only get this done on the NHS if you are a child with pretty serious alignment issues. If it’s just a case of wonky teeth and your bite is fine, you will have to get this work done privately.

It pays to use a dedicated team who spend all day dealing with teeth straightening, so that you know you are being advised by people who really know their subject. At Park Orthodontics, we have been straightening teeth as our sole focus for over 40 years. When you come to see us, we will be able to get you using the most appropriate system for your issues, and not the one we find easiest to use.

An almost invisible solution

One of our most popular systems is called Invisalign. In Glasgow, it is being used by many adults with mild tooth alignment issues because of how convenient it is. In fact, over 4 million people worldwide have now used Invisalign.

Invisalign in Glasgow is popular for two main reasons. Firstly, when the clear aligners are snapped on over the teeth, they become as good as invisible. Aligners are transparent mouth guard-like devices that are 3D printed out of rigid plastic that is only 0.3 millimetres thick. They hug the teeth, making them almost impossible to spot. Aligners work by applying a pushing pressure on the teeth that need straightening. Instead of one device, like bracket and wire braces, patients receive a series of 12–48 aligners, depending on their issues. Each aligner takes about two weeks to do its work before you swap it for the next.

The other reason is that the aligners are removable for eating and cleaning, making life a whole easier, with no need to alter your diet, or deal with complicated hygiene routines.

To find out more about Invisalign in Glasgow, why not give us a call and come in for a free consultation?

Dazzle with Invisalign

Everyone deserves a dazzling smile. If anything from decayed to misaligned teeth can make you shy away from flashing that smile, a simple visit to Park Orthodontics might just take care of that problem for you.

Invisalign in Glasgow uses an almost invisible, removable set of aligners that are changed every two weeks to move teeth towards their desired position. These clear and comfortable aligners will help align your teeth without interfering with your appearance.

The treatment process

At your first consultation, your dental impression is taken to confirm if Invisalign in Glasgow is the most suitable way to straighten your teeth. This is then changed into a 3D plan using the digital dental technology. This plan includes predicted movements your teeth will go through as you undergo treatment, thus giving you a preview of what your new smile is going to look like even before you begin treatment.

Once you begin treatment, you will be required to wear a different set of aligners every two weeks. During this period, your teeth will gradually move towards the desired final position. As you go through this treatment, you will have to visit your dentist regularly so that we can check your treatment is all going to plan.

What to expect with Invisalign in Glasgow

There are very few reasons why Invisalign in Glasgow may not be suitable for you. After you have received your first set of aligners talking may be a bit uncomfortable during the first few days. As time goes by this slight discomfort will subside as you will get used to having the aligner in your mouth.

We highly recommend that you maintain high oral hygiene throughout your treatment period and even afterwards. You should also always attend regular check-up appointments to keep your new smile as dazzling as possible, for as long as possible.

Depending on the severity of your dental issue, it may take a few years to totally solve the problems your teeth have. In some cases, it can take just a few months to rectify minor dental alterations with the help of Invisalign in Glasgow.

The discreet way to enhance your smile

Do you like what you see in the mirror? Or are you one of the thousands of people that dislikes their appearance, or finds life difficult due to crooked teeth? Having your teeth straightened used to involve months of fixed metal braces, which could be uncomfortable, sometimes damaged the enamel of the teeth, and looked unsightly. Advances in modern technology have allowed patients at Park Orthodontics to benefit from Invisalign in Glasgow. This is a system that can straighten your teeth comfortably, effectively and unobtrusively, which is a great advantage for modern lifestyles.

How does the Invisalign system work?

When you decide to have Invisalign in Glasgow, you will have a comprehensive initial assessment to see if it is the right treatment for you. We take detailed information and measurements to individually make your aligners. These clear plastic trays gently reposition your teeth and are replaced every two weeks to adapt to the changing position of your teeth. This allows the aligners to continue to guide your teeth into the right place. The system uses an advanced computer 3D modelling technique, which allows us to make your aligners to fit precisely. It also means that you can see the end results in advance. You can try Invisalign in Glasgow and see for yourself why so many people have loved using this method.

What are the advantages?

The most obvious benefit is that you will have a great new look and can smile with confidence. Our patients who have Invisalign in Glasgow also like the fact that their treatment fits in with the way that they live. The clear plastic aligners are virtually invisible, so no one will notice that you are wearing them and you can smile without worrying about how you look. You can also take them out for eating and cleaning so they do not interfere with daily routines. As they are individually made for each person out of smooth plastic, they fit without rubbing and ensure that the teeth move in exactly the right way.

Give yourself the gift of a beautiful new smile today and book your initial consultation to discuss how using Invisalign in Glasgow can help you.

A whole new way to realign teeth

If you have been thinking about getting your teeth straightened but have never liked the idea of months and months of brackets and wires cemented to your teeth, making it hard to eat what you like and to keep your teeth clean, then you will be glad to know there is now another way to get your teeth straightened. It’s called Invisalign. In Glasgow, Invisalign is available from us at Park Orthodontics.

A little bit of history

There’s nothing like an innovator. The name who brought teeth straightening into the 21st century is Zia Christie. In 1997, he was a Stanford University student who’d just gotten his teeth straightened. He was at the retainer stage, wearing a mouth guard-shaped retainer at night, when he realised that if a mouth guard could keep his teeth in place over night, it could probably straighten them as well.

He got together with some other Stanford students, to create the system that uses computer aided design programmes and 3D printing to make incremental aligners that push the teeth into position. That system: Invisalign.

Why Invisalign is so popular

In Glasgow, Invisalign is popular for reasons beyond the way it is made. People like Invisalign because the aligners are so thin, at 0.3 millimetres, that they are more or less invisible when they are snapped into place over the teeth. This is great for adults who do not want the fact that they are having their teeth straightened to become a talking point — such as people in public-facing jobs, who don’t want to have the braces conversation with hundreds of customers every week.

Invisalign is also popular because the aligners are removable. They don’t get in the way during meals, or when cleaning your teeth. You only keep them in to drink water, so that the plastic does not become discoloured. A pleasing side-effect of this is that many users find they lose weight with Invisalign because the aligners cut out mindless snacking and coffee drinking.

On average in Glasgow, Invisalign takes about a year to realign the teeth. Each aligner is worn for about 2 weeks and the number of them used during treatment is usually between 12 and 48.

3D printing in your mouth

If you have been considering getting your teeth straightened, but don’t fancy the idea of having brackets and wires fixed to your teeth, then Invisalign might be the way forward for you.

In Glasgow, Invisalign is available from us at Park Orthodontics. This treatment has some great pluses that bracket and wire treatments cannot offer.

On the plus side

For starters, Invisalign lives up to its name by being virtually invisible. This is because Invisalign’s inventors replaced the traditional brackets and wires with very thin, 0.3 millimetre thick, transparent, plastic trays called aligners. They look like bite-guards and fit snugly over the teeth. People will need to get right up close to spot you are wearing them. Certainly, friends and colleagues won’t be able to tell from the way you speak because Invisalign doesn’t interfere with speech in the way that traditional ‘train track’ metal braces can.

In Glasgow, Invisalign also has the benefit of being removable, thus eradicating one of the perennial problems faced by people when they get their teeth straightened, how and what to eat. With this system, you can eat what you like, and you just take the Invisalign aligner out to clean it, and your teeth. No poking around trying to get food out from wires, or avoiding certain foods altogether.

Also, you can choose not to wear them for a few hours if you have a particularly important occasion to attend. You must, however, wear the aligners for at least 20 hours a day in order to stick to the straightening schedule.

Each aligner should take about 2 weeks to move your teeth along one step of their journey to their desired position. Depending on your case, you will get through between 12 and 48 trays, so you can see how important it is to clock up the daily hours.

When you come Park Orthodontics for an initial consultation about Invisalign in Glasgow, we will show you a computer simulation of how your teeth will be moved. You will get to see the end result, so there will be no surprises when treatment finishes.

To find out more about Invisalign in Glasgow, why not call us for an initial consultation?