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It is never too late for straighter teeth

Park Orthodontics is delighted to offer our patients a range of services as an experienced orthodontist in Glasgow. If you have crooked teeth and have missed out on treatment as a child, you may have avoided corrective procedures as an adult. People often assume that braces are always unsightly, painful or hard to fit into your lifestyle. You may like to know that there are new techniques available which are more discreet, effective and comfortable than ever before. Having straighter teeth improves your appearance but also enhances oral health as they are easier to clean. This is because there are fewer gaps in which plaque can accumulate.

Reasons to smile

We have helped many of our patients who trust us as their orthodontist in Glasgow to improve their appearance and the overall health of their mouths. Technology such as invisible, hidden or clear braces offer an option for everyone so that there is no reason to be self-conscious or awkward about how you look or feel. You may have heard about clear plastic aligners such as Invisalign which gently realign your teeth without needing to have a mouthful of ugly metal. Hidden lingual braces can be fitted behind your teeth and offer a great alternative for adults who want their treatment to be very discreet. There are also braces with clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires so there really is a solution for everyone.

Which alternative is best?

As a friendly and professional Glasgow orthodontist, we look forward to discussing your options with you. An initial consultation with one of our team will help you decide what will suit you best. For example, fixed braces can be quicker but many people prefer Invisalign which is very comfortable, removeable and uses treatment software to plan and monitor the whole process. We make use of scans, X-rays and photographs of your teeth to help us determine what procedures would be suitable and tailor our approach to meet your needs as an individual.

Give yourself something to smile about and talk to us today about how we can help you when you choose us as your orthodontist in Glasgow.

Does your smile need help?

Do you feel self-conscious about crooked teeth? Maybe you have dismissed having corrective treatments as you assumed they would be time consuming, costly, obtrusive or uncomfortable. At Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, Six Month Smiles have helped hundreds of patients get the smile they dream of. While the visible benefits of a beautiful smile will be hard to miss, for our patients in Glasgow, Six Month Smiles have improved their oral health too. Misaligned teeth leave gaps in which plaque accumulates, making them harder to keep clean. Straighter teeth are healthier and stronger, preventing problems later in life.

A perfect smile in six months?

Yes, it really is possible. If your teeth are not severely misaligned, then we have can use a range of mini braces which attach to the front teeth only. The whole process takes between four and nine months, but most of our patients who have experienced Six Month Smiles in Glasgow have their dream smile in less than half a year. Modern treatments tend to be more gentle on your teeth so you experience less discomfort. To make the procedure less obtrusive, you can choose braces which are virtually invisible or tooth-coloured so you do not need to worry about ugly braces.

How does it work?

The first step is a consultation with our dentists to see if Six Month Smiles in Glasgow can help you. If another treatment is more suitable, we will always suggest it as we want you to be happy with the results and confident with your smile. If Six Month Smiles is appropriate, we check your teeth thoroughly, taking impressions and photographs to ensure that your teeth and gums are sound. Whatever option you choose, your braces are individually made to fit your mouth. During the treatment, we check progress regularly and adjust if necessary. When your teeth are in the correct position and you are happy with the results, a retainer is worn at night to keep them where they need to be.

If you would like to find out more about Six Month Smiles in Glasgow, do get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your options today.

Straighter teeth mean happier smiles

Having crooked teeth does not just cause problems with your appearance. If your teeth are misaligned, crowded or have large gaps then it can affect how you eat and speak as well as the overall health of your jaw. Excessive spacing between the teeth can undermine their stability and uneven teeth are harder to clean as there are more places for plaque to accumulate. This can cause gum inflammation, discomfort and infection if left unresolved. At Park Orthodontics, we fit braces in Glasgow to realign your teeth, improve your smile and enhance your health.

Solutions for all ages

Ideally, at our practice in Glasgow, braces are fitted during childhood when there is still a mixture of baby and adult teeth. This means that the teeth can be realigned as the jaw is developing to avoid problems in the future. However, even if you are an adult who has missed out on treatment, it is not too late. You may have dismissed corrective procedures due to concerns about traditional metal braces being uncomfortable, unsightly or inconvenient. Advances in technology mean that we are now able to offer our patients in Glasgow braces which are more discreet, faster and more comfortable than before.

Modern techniques

We are pleased to offer braces in Glasgow which fit into your lifestyle. Invisalign is a system that uses a series of clear plastic aligners, which are changed every two weeks to gently guide your teeth into place. The aligners are almost invisible and very comfortable as they are made to fit your mouth exactly. They are removeable for eating and cleaning so are simple and do not interfere with everyday life. There are also other options such as clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, which are unobtrusive and work quickly to ensure that you get the results you want without having to wait. In many cases, your new smile could be a reality within six months.

Having braces in Glasgow has benefitted so many of our patients and we would like you to share their experiences. Give yourself the gift of a more attractive smile and a healthier mouth by contacting us today to discuss your options.

Enhance your smile

Are crooked teeth ruining your smile? We all want a smile to be proud of but crowded, overly spaced or misaligned teeth can detract from your appearance and start to affect your confidence. You may have considered corrective treatment but worried that you would have to put up with metal braces. The good news is that there is a new system that can straighten your teeth comfortably, effectively and discreetly. At Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, Invisalign is a popular technique which we have used for many of our patients.

How does it work?

You will first be invited for an initial consultation which allows us to assess the state of your mouth and take measurements. Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic trays or aligners which gently reposition your teeth. These are individually made to suit your mouth and you will be provided with a new set every two weeks. This is so they adapt to the changing position of your teeth and continue to guide them into the right place. We use 3D computer modelling which allows the aligners to be made precisely and means that you can see the predicted results in advance. You can try Invisalign in Glasgow and join over 3 million people who have benefitted from it worldwide.

What are the advantages?

The aligners are made of clear plastic and are almost invisible so you can smile without feeling self-conscious. They are also removeable for eating and cleaning so the impact on your life is minimal. As they are made to individually fit your mouth, they are also very comfortable. You may experience a little bit of tightness when you get your new set of aligners but this just shows that they are working correctly and any discomfort will ease quickly. For our patients in Glasgow, Invisalign has proved to be a great solution to straightening teeth which does not cause inconvenience or the embarrassment of having ugly metal braces.

Give yourself the gift of a beautiful new smile today and make an appointment with us to discuss whether Invisalign in Glasgow is the treatment for you. This could be the start of a brighter future and a happier smile.

A straightforward solution to crooked smiles

Are crooked, crowded or poorly spaced teeth making you self-conscious about your appearance? Your smile is the first thing that people notice, but if you are not happy about how you look, it can affect your social and professional interactions and start to also affect how you feel. At Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, braces have transformed life for people who were previously feeling awkward about their smiles, hiding their teeth and feeling ill at ease. Teeth that are out of place can also cause other difficulties.

Why are straight teeth important?

Aside from detracting from your appearance, crooked teeth can affect your oral health. Correctly positioned teeth are easier to clean as there are fewer spaces for plaque to accumulate. This keeps your teeth and gums strong. If the misalignment is severe, there may be issues how the upper and lower teeth fit together. This is known as a poor bite and can cause problems with eating, speaking, pain or facial development in children. Having braces at an early age, usually when there is a mixture of adult and baby teeth, ensures that the teeth and jaw develop normally. However, if you are an adult who has missed out on corrective procedures as a child, we offer braces in Glasgow for all ages.

Options to suit everyone

We provide braces in Glasgow for NHS and private patients and can help you whether your misalignment is mild or severe. If you choose the private option, then treatment time is generally quicker and you will have a greater range of braces available to you. If you are having NHS treatment, we can offer fixed or removable braces for moderate to severe problems. For less serious issues or if you would like to explore alternative techniques then private treatment may be more suitable. Modern procedures including clear or invisible braces mean that having straighter teeth is less obtrusive, faster and more comfortable than before. Whatever option you choose, you will wear a retainer at the end of the work to ensure that the results last.

Become another of our patients who have benefited from braces in Glasgow and get in touch with us today.

Can you be too old for braces?

Are you one of the millions of adults who are unhappy, self-conscious, or even embarrassed by your smile?

Many adults spend their entire lives covering their mouths when they laugh, smile or talk.  They feel stuck because they do not want to wear fixed metal braces for years, or they are concerned that other corrective procedures could be too invasive or expensive.  Now, there is an effective, safe and affordable cosmetic solution that fits an adult lifestyle.

A revolutionary combination of proven orthodontic techniques, modern materials and innovative ideas – Six Month Smiles in Glasgow utilises specialised clear braces to gently straighten and align teeth in an average time of just six months. Maybe it’s time to take the first step towards improving your smile, your confidence and your life at Park Orthodontics.

Like most of our braces treatments, Six Month Smiles focuses on improving the appearance of the smile without looking to reorganise your bite. The teeth they are designed to straighten are known as the ‘social six’ and are the six teeth shown when smiling. This means that treatment can be faster than you might imagine.

Our team are happy to assess your smile and discuss all your options for short term braces treatments, including Inman Aligners, Invisalign or Six Month Smiles in Glasgow.

Are they comfortable?

Six Month Smiles in Glasgow use minimal force to move teeth more comfortably. Many people think that the accelerated treatment means simply ‘tightening’ regular braces to get the teeth moving, but that is not true. Six Month Smiles uses standard orthodontic mechanics, but with an emphasis on the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, rather than the position of your bite.

Do Six Month Smiles braces damage the teeth?

There are no more risks of root damage or other issues than those associated with traditional metal braces. Since the forces used with Six Month Smiles braces are lighter and teeth are seldom extracted, there are even fewer risks involved with Six Month Smiles braces.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. If you are 15 years and older, with crooked or spaced teeth and you’re not looking for a major alteration to your bite, Six Month Smiles in Glasgow could be the solution for you.

What sort of braces are right for me?

If you are considering braces to straighten your teeth, or your child’s teeth, you may have lots of questions. Which type of brace is more effective? Which is more affordable? Ultimately, you want to choose the treatment that will do the job, even if it is slightly more expensive. In the long run, no one wants to have their teeth fixed more than once. Invisalign in Glasgow could be the treatment for your needs.

Braces vs Invisalign: getting straight to the basics

Both braces and Invisalign are designed to straighten teeth while improving your smile and oral health. Patients in the UK first began using Invisalign in 2000, so this treatment does not yet have the same history as braces.

Braces consist of metal brackets being fixed to your teeth and tied together by wires and small rubber bands. Nowadays, you can get brackets to match your enamel colour more closely (making them more discrete). There is also an option to can get them in whatever colour you fancy, to make a fashion statement with your mouth.

Invisalign in Glasgow, on the other hand, is designed to be invisible. Aligner trays made of smooth, comfortable clear plastic are worn over your teeth to move them into the desired position subtly and gently. Your specialist at Park Orthodontics will use x-rays, pictures and impressions to create a precise 3-D image of your teeth, enabling them to configure your aligner trays accordingly.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign clear braces are barely noticeable. They look very much as though the person wearing them is not wearing braces at all.

Invisalign can also be removed when necessary. If, for any reason, you wish to remove them for brief periods of time (to eat or drink), this is very easily done.

Invisalign braces can also reduce damage to teeth and gums. Invisalign in Glasgow are smooth and comfortable. They do not include any sharp or protruding edges. Overall, clear braces reduce the damage normally caused by wearing traditional braces, including gum disease and cavities.

Invisalign treatment is also fast. Someone who wears traditional braces might expect the treatment to take up to three years. In some cases, Invisalign in Glasgow can take just one year.

Awards Season!

We are delighted to announce that Park Orthodontics has been selected as a finalist for ‘Orthodontic Practice of the Year’ and Mr McGregor for ‘Orthodontist of the Year’ at the Scottish Aesthetics Awards 2017!

In addition Andrew has been shortlisted for ‘Dentist of the Year’ at the Scottish Dental Awards 2017!

Both events are being held over the next two months so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Your Glasgow Orthodontist

Crooked, overcrowded or unevenly spaced teeth can really have an impact on how you feel about your smile or even affect how you eat and speak if the top and bottom teeth are not aligned correctly. Did you know that straighter teeth are easier to clean too as there are less spaces in which plaque can accumulate? In the past, unsightly metal braces were the only option but, at Park Orthodontics, we are delighted to offer the full range of up-to-date techniques you would expect from an established orthodontist in Glasgow.

How can you help me?

We are proud to offer a welcoming, professional service to patients looking for an orthodontist in Glasgow. We provide a range of procedures to suit everyone from children to adults, and treatment today is faster, less uncomfortable and more discrete than ever before. The techniques we offer include hidden braces, clear braces and invisible braces, also known as Invisalign. So, if misaligned teeth are causing problems with you, physically or in terms of your appearance, then seeing an orthodontist could be the solution.

The subtle approach

Patients who trust us as their Glasgow orthodontist value the options of having invisible, hidden or clear braces that allow us to straighten your teeth without you needing to show everyone that you are doing it. Invisalign uses a progressive system of clear mouth trays that use gentle pressure to align your teeth. The trays or aligners are custom-made for your mouth using the latest 3D technology and changed regularly to gradually move your teeth into the correct position. You can smile freely and remove the aligners when you are eating or cleaning your teeth so the impact on your daily life is minimal. If Invisalign is not right for you, other techniques are available. Clear or ceramic brackets are less obtrusive than metal or braces can be fitted behind the teeth so they are completely invisible. They work quickly and comfortably to give you the smile you want.

Join the hundreds of patients who rely on us as their orthodontist in Glasgow and see how we can help you to enhance your appearance and improve your oral health.

Are there braces that are right for me?

Are you one of the millions of adults around the country who are unhappy, self-conscious or embarrassed about your smile?

So many adults spend their whole lives trying to cover their mouths when they talk, smile or laugh because of crooked, crowded or gappy teeth. For most people, they are reluctant to take any action because they don’t want to wear conspicuous metal braces, for others it’s the cost.

The good news is that Park Orthodontics can offer effective, safe and affordable braces in Glasgow that will fit in with your lifestyle.

Six Month Smiles

Through an innovative combination of proven teeth straightening techniques and modern materials, Six Month Smiles offer clear braces in Glasgow. Advances in braces technology mean this system uses low levels of force to gently straighten and align your teeth in an average time of just 6 months.

Six Month Smiles has taken the best aspects of braces and modified the treatment and the materials to give adults a common-sense, cosmetic solution that fits your lifestyle.

The benefits

Six Month Smiles use clear brackets and tooth-colored wires that blend into the background of your teeth. As well as this, the low forces and short overall treatment time will increase comfort, safety and dental hygiene for your braces in Glasgow.

Six Month Smiles are also less expensive than other alternatives, such as traditional braces, aligner therapy, or veneers.

Why Park Orthodontics?

Park Orthodontics was the very first teeth straightening dental practice in Glasgow. This means we have been making people smile since 1972. We also benefit from not limiting ourselves to purely private treatments and are happy to provide NHS treatment to all our patients too.

Our dentists are highly experienced in teeth straightening and can offer modern braces in Glasgow, such as the Damon system, lingual braces and aligners.

Park Orthodontics is conveniently located in the heart of Glasgow’s West End, overlooking the magnificent Kelvingrove Park. We benefit from plenty of on-street parking in the surrounding area. We are also placed close to all local public transport links, including Exhibition Centre railway station. So drop by or give us a call.