Counting the days till the results of your Six Month Smiles in Glasgow are ready

There is plenty of chatter that goes on in people’s minds if they are considering a dental treatment. Some of it is questions, some might be excitement, but often there is a fair bit of concern in there too. That’s only natural when approaching something unfamiliar that will adjust the body. There is a lot of information out there about teeth straightening – some of it is positive but much of it paints the experience in a bad light. While you can get information from your dentist about the facts, we get a lot of our information from other, less accurate and more emotive sources such as friends or the media.

At Park Orthodontics, we want to hear as much of your chatter as you want to share when you come to visit us for Six Month Smiles in Glasgow. The more we know about how you feel, the better we can make your experience.

One of the concerns that many patients have is how long their treatment will last. Traditional treatments typically last anywhere from a year to two or more. This is a long time to be wearing braces. During this time, everyone must visit the dentist every six weeks or so for check-ups. That’s more than 15 dental appointments for some people.

Advances in dental technology have primarily focused on the effectiveness of any procedure, the length of time it takes and how the patient looks and feels during the treatment. Part of this has been a shift in the perspective about what patients, especially adult patients, really want from their treatment. If they only want their smile to look better, that means there is a way to focus on that goal alone and shorten treatment times for many patients.

This is where Six Month Smiles in Glasgow comes in. This is a method that uses precisely-focused treatment plans. They are designed to make the teeth that are visible when a patient smiles the best that they can be. This means ensuring that these six teeth are perfectly aligned and that no gaps are showing. All of this can is achievable in six months or less in some cases.