Six Month Smiles in Glasgow

Do you want Six Month Smiles in Glasgow?

No one particularly likes having wonky teeth. Even if they are only mildly out of line, they can seem like a beacon of imperfection in your mouth. So, it’s no wonder that there’s been a big trend in family dentists offering treatment for mildly wonky teeth with such devices as Six Month Smiles in Glasgow. But are they really right for you?

Ask your accredited family dentist, who will have invested quite a bit of money in offering Six Month Smiles in Glasgow, maybe alongside another device designed to be offered by dentists who have not completed intensive postgraduate training in the alignment of the teeth and jaws, and they are bound to say yes.

They will also tell you that Six Month Smiles, and several other devices designed for family dentistry, move teeth faster than old-fashioned braces. This is not true. Teeth move as fast as the bone can resorb and rebuild itself around a tooth that is being put under sustained pressure. Mild alignment issues take less time to correct because the teeth have less distance to move in order to become aligned.

Here at Park Orthodontics, we won’t twist the truth in order to untwist your teeth. We have been working with misaligned teeth and jaws, and the devices that realign them, since 1972. We were the first dental practice in the city that concentrated solely on alignment, and we have built up an intimate corporate knowledge of this area, on top of the in-depth training our dentists have received in their postgraduate studies in this area of dentistry.

If you want to know if Six Month Smiles is really the right braces for you, you might be better off coming to a practice that has a wider overview of the devices available and can offer you the device that is best suited to your issues. This might well be Six Month Smiles, but if there is something that will do a better job and fit with your lifestyle, we will tell you about it.

We might also be cheaper than your family dentist. Why not book a consultation with us and find out?