Invisalign in Glasgow

Easy impressions with Invisalign in Glasgow

There’s always been a bit of a problem with any dental treatment that involves having to have accurate and detailed information about the layout of your teeth, say for veneers, or a mouthguard, or clear aligners, such as Invisalign in Glasgow. It has always meant your dentist mixing up a bowl full of dental putty and then jamming it up against your teeth for a good fit, leaving you trying not to choke for a minute while the putty sets and then pulling it off as you experience that momentary fear that this time, maybe, your teeth are going to go with it.

Not any more at Park Orthodontics when you come for Invisalign in Glasgow. Here, the digital age has caught up with dental putty and put it into obsolescence. We use Invisalign iTero instead.

When you come to us for Invisalign clear aligners, we can take detailed and pinpoint accurate measurements of your teeth using the iTero handheld scanning device.

It takes a couple of minutes for the Invisalign iTero to take hundreds of pictures of your teeth. Also, we can pause the process if you feel a sneeze coming on or have a question you’d like to ask.

As we scan the inside of your mouth, the pictures build up into a 3D image on a nearby screen, meaning you can see your teeth as they really are, from any angle you like.

Once we’ve got the full 3D image of your teeth, we can run a programme that will move your teeth into their correct position. You can see how they will need to move and what your realigned smile will look like at the end of treatment.

The iTero is more accurate than dental putty impressions and because the information is digital, we can send it in no time to the Invisalign factory, where your aligners will be 3D printed. No time wasted, no putty thrown again, no hydrocarbons used on a courier service.

For Invisalign in Glasgow, the iTero scanner couldn’t be better. The accuracy of the measurements mean that the aligners really will hug your teeth so closely that casual observers will not suspect that you are wearing them.