Orthodontist in Glasgow

How can an orthodontist in Glasgow help you?

The main reason to visit an orthodontist in Glasgow is to treat what we call malocclusion. This basically means a bad bite, or wonky teeth. Straightening crooked teeth is an orthodontist’s key goal. We achieve this with different types of braces. Depending on the severity of the bite problem, fixed or removable devices may required. Essentially, we can straighten teeth and correct the way jawbones line up. This in turn will create a great smile and plays a role in keeping teeth in good condition.

We want to make the best of the teeth you have. Improving the placement of your teeth can bring harmony to your smile not only visually but also physically. When your bite is lined up correctly, you are able to eat comfortably and look after your teeth and gums easily. In the long term your smile will benefit in many ways.

Why straight teeth are healthier teeth

A great reason to visit an orthodontist in Glasgow is to improve the longevity and health of your teeth. When teeth are crooked, crowded or too far apart, it is common for people to have problems cleaning between their teeth or keeping their gums in good condition. This means gum disease symptoms or decay can occur more easily. Taking action to straighten your teeth is a great defense against these problems. Aside from that, having a wonky bite can lead to pain when you eat, make chewing and speaking difficult, and sometimes lead to painful dental disorders. Having a well aligned set of teeth plays a major role in achieving optimal oral hygiene.

Braces for all ages

It is common for teenagers to have braces to correct more serious bite issues and tooth misalignment. However, braces are not limited to use in your teens. For those adults who missed out on this type of treatment, or who have had an alignment change later in life, hope is not lost. Healthy human teeth are able to move at any age. It can be a slower process for some, but it is not impossible. We have many adults seeking help from an orthodontist in Glasgow.

If you are considering orthodontic treatment, give us a call.