Braces in Glasgow

How do braces in Glasgow change your life?

When you have a long-term dental treatment like braces in Glasgow, you can expect some changes in your life. Some of these will take place before and during treatment while others come into play afterwards. At Park Orthodontics, we have a team that is highly experienced when it comes to walking people through a realignment procedure. This means they can give you plenty of detail on the experiences you can expect to have.


Even deciding to have braces in Glasgow can give you a boost to your self-esteem. Adults are often under a lot of pressure to look a certain way and teeth can really affect your ability to meet the standards you have for yourself. If you had previously been under the impression that braces in Glasgow were for teenagers only, hearing the news that you can do something about issues with your smile may be quite liberating for you.


How much braces affect your life depends on the type of treatment that you have. Modern straightening methods are often designed with the patient experience in mind. This means that they tend to have less impact than traditional methods but there are still some areas where you might notice a difference:


Braces that are fixed in place can be prone to trapping food. You may need to adjust some of your food choices for comfort and to make it easier to keep your teeth clean. Once your teeth straightening treatment is finished, you can go back to eating whatever you want again.


Lingual braces are fixed to the backs of the teeth. This means that they can temporarily affect the way that you talk. This is simply because the tongue is getting used to brushing against equipment. The issue should right itself soon after fitting.


Once your braces are taken off or you have finished your course of treatment, you can enjoy a straight smile and the confidence that comes with it. Your teeth should not be adversely affected by your braces. However, you may wish to finish your teeth straightening with a clean, polish and/ or teeth whitening treatment to show you new smile at its best.