Invisalign in Glasgow

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign in Glasgow at Park Orthodontics is a tried and tested treatment that uses a patented design to move teeth through controlled, strategic force. Before treatment can begin, your plan will be mapped out by one of our many experienced dentists. X-rays, photos, and impressions of your teeth will be made and this information is sent off to the Invisalign lab. From here, your series of trays is manufactured from smooth plastic. Each one of your custom-made trays is designed to make slight adjustments to the position of your teeth.

How long do I have to wear them for?

Once treatment has begun you wear each tray for two weeks before advancing to the next in the series. We always recommend our patients wear their trays for 20-22 hours each day, giving enough time to remove them and eat, for cleaning, or even an important meeting.

Is Invisalign in Glasgow painful?

The only discomfort you should feel during your Invisalign treatment is that of progress. Sometimes patient’s teeth and gums may feel sore as they move into their correct position, but the pain is temporary and often mild. Invisalign in Glasgow is known to be more comfortable than traditional braces, as smooth plastic does not rub blisters into your delicate cheeks, gums, lips, or tongue.

What are the other benefits of Invisalign?

Our patients who choose Invisalign over traditional metal braces will enjoy a number of benefits. The clear plastic aligners are convenient, comfortable and provide the same beautiful results as the traditional braces that we’ve long trusted for straightening teeth.

The removable nature of the Invisalign aligners will allow you to maintain your lifestyle, eating, brushing and flossing just like you’re used to. As well as this, you will never have to worry about scheduling an emergency appointment due to a popped off wire or loose bracket.

Invisalign in Glasgow is usually completed faster than traditional braces and requires fewer visits to the dentist overall. Another huge bonus of Invisalign is that almost everyone is a good candidate, as it can be used to correct the most common dental issues.