Invisalign in Glasgow

Is Invisalign right for you?

If you have heard of Invisalign in Glasgow, you may be all fired up to get your teeth straightened with this brilliant system that first came on the market 20 years ago. In the ensuing time, more than four million people have had their teeth straightened without the use of bracket and wire braces, and news of the convenience and discretion has spread to the point that the brand now has its own centres in some big cities.

Here at Park Orthodontics, we have been offering Invisalign in Glasgow for quite a while now and we love what it can do for mild to moderate alignment issues. Invisalign looks more like a mouth guard or removable retainer than braces. Indeed, the idea for these 3D printed aligners was hit upon by a student who was wearing a removable retainer and wishing his braces had been as comfortable and convenient as his retainer.

How Invisalign works

Once we have measured your teeth and shown you how Invisalign can bring them into alignment with our 3D imaging programme, we get the manufacturers to 3D print a series of aligners for you. You start by wearing aligner number one in the series. Its carefully placed pressure points will gently nudge your teeth a tiny step towards alignment. When the pressure wears off, which takes 7-10 days, you swap it for aligner number two. You repeat this process until all the aligners have been used up. Then you will have to wear either a removable retainer or a bonded one for an indefinite period to keep your teeth correctly aligned.


Invisalign aligners are taken out for eating, which means you can eat whatever you like throughout your treatment. You can also clean your teeth more easily than with bracket and wire braces. You must wear your aligners for 20-22 hours a day if your treatment is to stay on schedule, so some disciple is required.


The clear plastic aligners are ultra-thin, only 0.3mm. This means that when you put them on over your teeth, they pretty much cannot be seen by anyone but the keenest observer. You get to keep your treatment with Invisalign in Glasgow to yourself.