Six Month Smiles in Glasgow

Lovely teeth could be only half a year away

It’s amazing to think that in only half a year, maybe even less, your wonky teeth could be a thing of the past. That’s how short a time it can take to transform some misalignments with Six Month Smiles in Glasgow from us at Park Orthodontics.

The skinny on Six Month Smiles in Glasgow

Six Month Smiles is the brand name for a kind of bracket and wire braces that are designed to correct mild to moderate misalignments on the front 6-8 teeth only. These teeth are known as the social six because they are the ones that are most on view when we talk and smile. Get those ones straight and people will probably never notice if any others are out of alignment.

There are two features that make Six Month Smiles in Glasgow so popular.

Clear braces

These braces are designed to blend in with the teeth rather than dominate them. The brackets are smaller than on old-fashioned metal braces, and they are made of clear ceramic. The wire that runs between the brackets is finer and has been coated in a tooth-coloured material. While they are not invisible, these braces are not going to be the first thing people see about you, and when they do get up close, they are going to be able to see your teeth as well as your braces.

Quick treatment times

Six Month Smiles in Glasgow do not move your teeth any faster than any other braces, but they do take only between 4-9 months to do their work. There are two reasons for this speed. The first is that they only work on mild to moderate alignment issues, so the teeth have less distance to move to get aligned. Secondly, the teeth they are working on only have one root, so they are easier to move than back teeth, which have three roots.

Why come to Park Orthodontics?

While your general dentist might well offer Six Month Smiles in Glasgow, at Park Orthodontics, braces are what we do. Because we don’t have start up costs, we can often offer these braces at a lower cost than a general dentist can.