Orthodontist in Glasgow

Nervous patients and the orthodontist in Glasgow

At Park Orthodontics, we believe that nothing should stand in the way of someone seeing the orthodontist in Glasgow if they want to. There are some common barriers to treatment, which we support patients in overcoming all the time. One of these is general anxiety around visiting the dentist.

Modern orthodontic treatment is often faster and more comfortable than methods used in the past. If you are particularly concerned about a fitting appointment, you might be able to consider using a method like Invisalign, which may not require any equipment to be attached to the teeth.

What happens if you need to attend a fitting appointment?

Removeable aligners are not suitable for everyone. If you do need to have fixed braces fitted, you will have this done during a single appointment. Whatever your concerns about this, you can talk to the orthodontist in Glasgow at Park Orthodontics. We are happy to change the environment or our methods as much as possible to accommodate you and make you more comfortable.

Getting braces fitted is not a painful procedure. It’s non-invasive and the most you will feel is some unusual stretching of your mouth at various points.

For some people, the issue is that they do not like the feeling of not knowing what is going on during their appointment. They worry about what is going to happen next. If this applies to you, we can talk you through the whole procedure beforehand, so you know what to expect. We can also give you a running commentary during your fitting. Some patients benefit from having a signal worked out so that they can clearly demonstrate when they want a break, or they have a question.

How can braces benefit nervous patients?

When you have your teeth straightened, you need to visit the dentist every six weeks or so. If this is something you are not looking forward to, we want to reassure you that we make every appointment as fast and comfortable as possible. As you experience more positive appointments, we hope that this will reduce your concerns about visiting the dentist. This may make it easier for you to visit and attend to your dental health in the future.