Easy impressions with Invisalign in Glasgow

There’s always been a bit of a problem with any dental treatment that involves having to have accurate and detailed information about the layout of your teeth, say for veneers, or a mouthguard, or clear aligners, such as Invisalign in Glasgow. It has always meant your dentist mixing up a bowl full of dental putty and then jamming it up against your teeth for a good fit, leaving you trying not to choke for a minute while the putty sets and then pulling it off as you experience that momentary fear that this time, maybe, your teeth are going to go with it.

Not any more at Park Orthodontics when you come for Invisalign in Glasgow. Here, the digital age has caught up with dental putty and put it into obsolescence. We use Invisalign iTero instead.

When you come to us for Invisalign clear aligners, we can take detailed and pinpoint accurate measurements of your teeth using the iTero handheld scanning device.

It takes a couple of minutes for the Invisalign iTero to take hundreds of pictures of your teeth. Also, we can pause the process if you feel a sneeze coming on or have a question you’d like to ask.

As we scan the inside of your mouth, the pictures build up into a 3D image on a nearby screen, meaning you can see your teeth as they really are, from any angle you like.

Once we’ve got the full 3D image of your teeth, we can run a programme that will move your teeth into their correct position. You can see how they will need to move and what your realigned smile will look like at the end of treatment.

The iTero is more accurate than dental putty impressions and because the information is digital, we can send it in no time to the Invisalign factory, where your aligners will be 3D printed. No time wasted, no putty thrown again, no hydrocarbons used on a courier service.

For Invisalign in Glasgow, the iTero scanner couldn’t be better. The accuracy of the measurements mean that the aligners really will hug your teeth so closely that casual observers will not suspect that you are wearing them.

Easy to wear braces

The thing that puts a lot of people off getting their teeth straightened is the thought of having to go through months and months of somewhat painful treatment with heavy-duty metal braces that make it hard to eat and look awful. It doesn’t have to be like that if you have Six Month Smiles in Glasgow.

At Park Orthodontics, we use Six Month Smiles in Glasgow for mild to moderate misalignments of the front six social teeth. Six Month Smiles are discreet braces that work on the front six to eight teeth only. They are so-called because the average treatment time for these braces is six months, but it could be as little as four months, or as many as nine.

What’s so great about Six Month Smiles in Glasgow?

Six Month Smiles uses the tried and tested mechanics of bracket and wire braces, but with a difference. The brackets are smaller and made of clear ceramic, and the wires are finer and are tooth-coloured. These features make the braces much more discreet than traditional metal bracket and wire braces.

Can I have Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles are not suitable for complex realignment issues, or issues that involve realigning the jaws, but they work very well on simple issues that are at the front of the mouth.

When you come to Park Orthodontics for a consultation for braces, we will only recommend Six Month Smiles if we are sure they can do the job. That’s the beauty of going to a dental practice that concentrates solely on aligning the teeth, we really know our stuff. If we think you would be better off with another brand or method of straightening, we will say so.

What about cost?

Another great thing about coming to us is that we may well be able to offer Six Month Smiles at a lower price than a general dentist can. This is because as a dedicated alignment dental practice, we do not have to pay the set-up costs that a general dentist would.

Why not come in for a consultation and find out if you can have Six Month Smiles in Glasgow?

NHS or private for braces in Glasgow?

Much as the NHS would love to provide every child in the UK with a great set of perfectly straight teeth on a beautiful broad jaw, there just isn’t enough money to go around. This means that our wonderful NHS has put strict parameters on who can and cannot get braces in Glasgow on the NHS, and only children with severe alignment issues can receive free treatment. Sadly, the waiting lists are long and such alignment issues can be rather painful, and best treated early, so even if your child qualifies for braces in Glasgow on the NHS, you might want to think about getting them form a private braces dentist such as us at Park Orthodontics.

There are various advantages to going private. Let’s take a look at them:

Faster service

As stated above, you can get your child treated much more quickly with private dentistry, sometimes they can be wearing braces with a matter of days.

Convenient appointments

You won’t have to keep taking your child out of school for appointments, which, where braces treatment is concerned, can means several afternoons or mornings of schoolwork to catch up on. Instead, we can see your child in the evenings or on Saturday mornings.

A wider range of braces

At Park Orthodontics, we stock braces that are not available on the NHS. These are the braces that have been designed to work quickly and look good, or even be invisible. Brands such as Invisalign, Damon, Six Month Smiles and others will be available to your child. And some kids would rather die than be seen wearing clunky metal braces for months on end.

Free starter cleaning kit

Cleaning braces in an important part of the treatment. We can provide a starter kit of flosses and interdental brushes to help keep your child’s braces free from food and plaque.

Faster treatment duration

Treatments can be quicker than on the NHS.

If you would like to find out more about braces in Glasgow for children, then you can get your dentist to refer your child to us or you can refer them yourself.

The importance of the orthodontist in Glasgow

Everyone knows the importance of paying regular visits to the general dentist. Six-monthly check-ups play a vital role in the prevention of gum disease and dental decay. Equally important for young children is at least one visit to the orthodontist in Glasgow.

The orthodontist in Glasgow is someone who has qualified as a general dentist and has then gone on to complete two or three more years of postgraduate training that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of alignment issues of the teeth and jaws.

The perfect time to bring your child to see the orthodontist in Glasgow here at Park Orthodontics is when their adult teeth are just starting to come through, around the age of seven years old.

We can make a detailed examination of your child’s teeth and will be able to predict how they will come through. If we diagnose that there will be problems with the teeth not lining up correctly, or coming through twisted, or not descending properly, we can formulate a treatment plan to make sure they do. Your child can start braces treatment before their adult teeth have descended and have them guided into the correct alignment rather than having to have them repositioned once they have already descended. They could be finishing their treatment with the orthodontist in Glasgow just as other kids are starting theirs.

If your child has issues with their jaws not meeting together properly, we can start to treat this at an early age too. It is very important that this treatment is done early, because after about the age of 18, the bones set hard and are no longer able to be manipulated. Teeth can be realigned at any age but jaws must be dealt with early on.

Sorting out these problems means that you are giving your child a much better chance of being able to hang onto their natural teeth for their entire life. Teeth that are well aligned are much easier to keep clean and therefore less susceptible to decay and gum disease. Teeth that line up properly share equally the forces of chewing and are less likely to crumble in later life.

Is Invisalign right for you?

If you have heard of Invisalign in Glasgow, you may be all fired up to get your teeth straightened with this brilliant system that first came on the market 20 years ago. In the ensuing time, more than four million people have had their teeth straightened without the use of bracket and wire braces, and news of the convenience and discretion has spread to the point that the brand now has its own centres in some big cities.

Here at Park Orthodontics, we have been offering Invisalign in Glasgow for quite a while now and we love what it can do for mild to moderate alignment issues. Invisalign looks more like a mouth guard or removable retainer than braces. Indeed, the idea for these 3D printed aligners was hit upon by a student who was wearing a removable retainer and wishing his braces had been as comfortable and convenient as his retainer.

How Invisalign works

Once we have measured your teeth and shown you how Invisalign can bring them into alignment with our 3D imaging programme, we get the manufacturers to 3D print a series of aligners for you. You start by wearing aligner number one in the series. Its carefully placed pressure points will gently nudge your teeth a tiny step towards alignment. When the pressure wears off, which takes 7-10 days, you swap it for aligner number two. You repeat this process until all the aligners have been used up. Then you will have to wear either a removable retainer or a bonded one for an indefinite period to keep your teeth correctly aligned.


Invisalign aligners are taken out for eating, which means you can eat whatever you like throughout your treatment. You can also clean your teeth more easily than with bracket and wire braces. You must wear your aligners for 20-22 hours a day if your treatment is to stay on schedule, so some disciple is required.


The clear plastic aligners are ultra-thin, only 0.3mm. This means that when you put them on over your teeth, they pretty much cannot be seen by anyone but the keenest observer. You get to keep your treatment with Invisalign in Glasgow to yourself.

Worry less, smile more – Six Month Smiles in Glasgow

If you are worried about your teeth, you may be interested to learn that cosmetic dentistry can help. Technological innovations have made cosmetic dentistry more accessible than ever and now people can have a beautiful smile discreetly, thanks to Six Month Smiles.

Six Month Smiles in Glasgow is a very discreet and effective teeth straightening system that allows patients to align their front teeth in as little as six months – or less! At Park Orthodontics, we are happy to offer this option to older teenagers and adults who cannot stand the idea of conspicuousmetal brackets and wires.

What is it all about?

Six Month Smiles is a short-term teeth straightening method that has achieved much popularity in recent years due to its discreet nature. The treatment consists of a series of ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wires that help move the front teeth into their correct position over six months on average. Six Month Smiles braces are so innovative because:

  • They are discreet but effective;
  • Use tooth-coloured materials to blend in with the teeth rather than stand out from them;
  • Average treatment time is only six months;
  • They move the front teeth only for faster treatment;
  • They are typically less expensive than traditional braces because of shorter treatment times.

How is it possible to achieve straighter teeth in only six months?

Six Month Smiles in Glasgow are specially designed to move the front teeth, but do not affect your bite. Regular braces, on the other hand, move the bigger back teeth and can adjust your jaws as well, and this takes a significant amount of time. Primary focus on the front teeth is the key aspect that makes Six Month Smiles braces so successful and effective in such a short time.

Am I a good candidate?

Six Month Smiles can only serve patients with mild to moderate tooth alignment issues, so do come in to our surgery for a consultation to find out if this treatment can help you before raising your expectations. Our experienced dentists will examine your teeth and help you decide if you can benefit from Six Month Smiles.

Braces in Glasgow – more than simple teeth straightening

The basic appeal of braces is teeth straightening, but not many people know that they can do much more for our oral health. And they do it very well – both traditional braces as well as their invisible varieties such as Invisalign and Six Month Smiles.

At Park Orthodontics, braces in Glasgow help patients straighten their teeth, while performing other tasks which are beneficial to their oral health. For instance, we rarely think of braces when it comes to fighting tooth decay, but Invisalign does a great job at keeping your teeth clean throughout the treatment.

No more tooth decay

While it may be harder to brush and floss your teeth properly when you wear metal braces, this is not the case with Invisalign. Invisalign aligners are completely removable, enabling patients to brush and floss their teeth as they normally would. Because the aligners will stain if you have them in when you eat or drink anything but plain water, it’s really clear to see if any odd food particles have got stuck to them.

The results of teeth straightening also make it much easier to prevent tooth decay. Crowded and misaligned teeth are difficult to clean properly, especially in between overlapping and gapped teeth. Straight teeth do not overlap nor create crevices, which are hard to clean. As a result, plaque and bacteria do not build up as quickly and your teeth will stay cleaner for longer.

Prevent gum disease

Crowded and misaligned teeth can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria, which tend to hide in between the teeth and gums. Even if you brush and floss your teeth regularly, chances are that you cannot remove all these bacteria and plaque from hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. The improper alignment of teeth allows these bacteria to multiply and they can gradually start affecting the gums.

Help your digestion

Having a correct bite is really important for your digestion. Thoroughly chewing food can be difficult with crowed and overlapping teeth and if your teeth do not align properly, then you are probably not digesting your food properly. Braces in Glasgow can align your bite, straighten your teeth and restore your optimal biting and chewing function.

The history of orthodontics

The history of orthodontics goes back more than 2000 years. Archaeologists have even discovered mummified ancients with metal bands wrapped around individual teeth, which are likely to be a primitive form of orthodontics.

What is an orthodontist?

An orthodontist has been trained in the field in dentistry that deals primarily with aligning teeth and jawbones. This includes diagnoses, treatment and eventual correction of any alignment issues. An orthodontist will undergo two or three years more training in a dental school or college after they have graduated in dentistry. Here at Park Orthodontics, an orthodontist in Glasgow can help with any tooth alignment needs you may have. The technical term for misaligned teeth is malocclusion. If you have malocclusion, it means that you have an abnormal alignment of your teeth or in the way your upper and lower teeth fit together.

How can an orthodontist help me?

If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, an orthodontist can help you attain a more aesthetically pleasing smile. Treatments range from cosmetic to deep bone and jaw alignment including palate widening. This can all be done with a range of different braces. Each person is different of course. Why not drop in to see one of our orthodontists in Glasgow? We can discuss the best treatment option for you.

Making sure you get the best possible treatment

Your Glasgow orthodontist will provide you with all the information you need to make a clear decision on the best treatment method for your alignment needs. This could be removable or fixed braces and it is possible that you may have to have one or more teeth removed to create your final desired outcome. No matter which treatment option works for you, the process can take many months before you achieve your desired smile. Complex realignment treatments will understandably take longer than simple ones. The good new is that the time and money you invest will reduce oral health complications for a long time to come.

Find out more

Give our friendly team a call to book an assessment in and get on the road to a straighter smile.

Invisalign – what are the facts?

These clear braces will bring your teeth into alignment using a set of custom-made clear aligners. Invisalign in Glasgow is a fantastic way to a beautiful smile. Your aligners should be worn 20 hours a day for the duration of your treatment. The average treatment time for Invisalign takes 13.5 months, but of course varies depending on the complexity of your teeth movement plan. Your aligner should be removed for brushing, flossing and eating. Once your treatment has concluded, you are advised to wear a retainer indefinitely.

Treatment process

Treatment with Invisalign in Glasgow begins creating a 3D digital image of your teeth using a hand-held scanner. A treatment plan will then be written for your Invisalign course. You will receive a set of different aligners. Each to be worn one after the other for periods of around two weeks. Each aligner will complete a stage between your current and desired tooth positions.

Advantages over traditional metal braces

Opting for Invisalign in Glasgow will straighten crooked or crowded teeth, as well as close gaps and adjust overbites. Yes, this process can also be done with traditional metal braces, but Invisalign has the distinct advantage of being discreet and much more comfortable. The custom-made plastic aligners are smooth and will not hurt your gums or damage your teeth when fitted properly and kept clean.

How will the aligners feel?

At the beginning, your teeth will undergo an adjustment period and the aligners may feel uncomfortable at first. Some patients may find that their speech is a little different. Throughout the treatment you will understandably feel pressure on your teeth as this is how the braces work. If at any time they are too painful, over-the-counter painkillers will help until you adjust to the feeling.

Find out if Invisalign is for you

The best way to find out if Invisalign in Glasgow is the correct treatment for you is to contact us for a consultation. All our staff are experienced in the range of braces we can offer you and your alignment issues will be carefully assessed before any treatment plan is issued. Drop us a line for more information.

Six Month Smiles

Do you have a big event coming up that you would like to improve the appearance of your teeth for? Perhaps you are getting married and would like to feel more confident for the photoshoot on your big day. Choosing Six Month Smiles in Glasgow could be the solution you are looking for. It works on the front six to eight teeth that show most when we smile.

How can Six Week Smiles help me?

This treatment can help you if you have slightly crooked, crowded, protruding or gapped front teeth, this option should work for you. Other, more complex issues will need longer treatment.

How does Six Month Smiles work?

Here in Glasgow, Six Month Smiles braces use tooth-coloured brackets and wires that are attached to the outer surface of your teeth. You will see that they are more discreet than regular braces. They gradually move your teeth into a more desirable position. Regular check-ups should be attended throughout the treatment process which can take from 4-9 months. It is important that you brush and floss your teeth carefully whilst the braces are in place. We will explain how to keep your braces clean at your fitting appointment and give you information to take home.

Are Six Month Smiles braces painful to wear?

You will of course experience some discomfort in the first few days after your initial fitting. However, this should wear off quickly. You can use regular painkillers to help with any discomfort.

What is the aftercare for Six Month Smiles?

You will need to wear a retainer, just the same as with any alignment treatment. Retainers are generally worn indefinitely to make sure that your teeth stay in their new and improved position.

Find out more

Help is on hand if you feel that you could be a good candidate for Six Month Smiles in Glasgow. If you have questions, simply send us an email or give us a call. Our experienced and friendly reception staff will be only too happy to help you. We offer a free 10-minute consultation to explain the treatments we offer.