Orthodontist in Glasgow

Proper treatment for alignment issues

It can be very tempting to believe the hype that dentists have found a way to get teeth to move more quickly in the jawbone than they used to. After all, we can do everything more quickly these days with digital technology. That may be so, but moving teeth is a physical process and bodies don’t do things anymore quickly now than they did 500 years ago.

The physical process

Teeth straightening involves the removal and rebuilding of bone in the jaw, and this takes as long as it takes. Manufacturers might claim that certain braces can make things quicker, but this is not necessarily true. Ask an orthodontist in Glasgow, such as us at Park Orthodontics.

An orthodontist is specially trained in the processes of tooth and jaw alignment. We spent a good few extra years learning all about alignment issues, diagnosing and treating them, after we have spent five years training to be a general dentist.

About us

Park Orthodontics was set up in 1972. We have been dealing solely with teeth and jaw alignment for not far off 50 years, and we really do know almost all there is to know on this subject. And of course, we make it our business to keep abreast of all the latest developments.

Why see an orthodontist in Glasgow

You may see that your general dentist is now accredited in one or two braces systems. These have been designed by manufacturers so that they work out the angles at which the teeth need to move, instead of this being done by a trained orthodontist in Glasgow. Your general dentist will want to make money out of these and may press you to use them rather than referring you to a more qualified orthodontist, who has access to more devices and more knowledge to compare systems and also to diagnose you. General dentists may tell you that using an orthodontist in Glasgow is going to be more expensive than their accredited systems, but this is not necessarily true. We can even offer the same systems as them at lower prices because we do not have to pay the set-up costs. We are already set up.