Six Month Smiles in Glasgow

Reclaim your smile

Do you often find yourself covering your mouth when you laugh because you’re self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth? Have you spent a lot of your life dreaming of a straighter, more beautiful smile, but don’t want to spend years in bulky metal wire-and-bracket braces?

For our adult patients here at Park Orthodontics, who want to straighten their teeth without all of the hassle and time that come with traditional orthodontic treatment, we can offer an alternative called Six Month Smiles in Glasgow.

What is Six Month Smiles in Glasgow?

The process used to achieve a beautiful smile in just six months is simple and straightforward. Rather than enduring years of invasive, expensive orthodontic treatment that leaves you hiding your smile for even longer, you can enjoy accelerated progress that effectively straightens the teeth that show when you smile, known as the ‘social six’. This is all achieved with clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, so you can still smile with confidence throughout your treatment process.

As the name conveys, the majority of our patients achieve a stunning, straight new smile within six months. In some cases, optimal results can even be achieved in even less time. You’ll also have fewer dental visits and check-ups than you would with traditional fixed metal braces, saving you both valuable time and money.

Go for it!

If you’re ready to take the first step on a shorter-than-ever journey to a new smile, contact us at Park Orthodontics today. With the help of Dr Andrew McGregor (our orthodontist) and his team of experienced staff, you’ll be happily flashing your brilliantly straight pearly whites in no time.

We can even offer our patients options for finance to spread the cost of your Six Month Smiles in Glasgow. Our website conveniently has a finance calculator available to help you decide if it is the right treatment choice for you.

We look forward to welcoming you to our comfortable and friendly practice and showing you how quickly and easily you can attain a beautiful smile with the revolutionary orthodontic treatment, Six Month Smiles in Glasgow. Why not book a consultation today?