Does your smile need help?

Do you feel self-conscious about crooked teeth? Maybe you have dismissed having corrective treatments as you assumed they would be time consuming, costly, obtrusive or uncomfortable. At Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, Six Month Smiles have helped hundreds of patients get the smile they dream of. While the visible benefits of a beautiful smile will be hard to miss, for our patients in Glasgow, Six Month Smiles have improved their oral health too. Misaligned teeth leave gaps in which plaque accumulates, making them harder to keep clean. Straighter teeth are healthier and stronger, preventing problems later in life.

A perfect smile in six months?

Yes, it really is possible. If your teeth are not severely misaligned, then we have can use a range of mini braces which attach to the front teeth only. The whole process takes between four and nine months, but most of our patients who have experienced Six Month Smiles in Glasgow have their dream smile in less than half a year. Modern treatments tend to be more gentle on your teeth so you experience less discomfort. To make the procedure less obtrusive, you can choose braces which are virtually invisible or tooth-coloured so you do not need to worry about ugly braces.

How does it work?

The first step is a consultation with our dentists to see if Six Month Smiles in Glasgow can help you. If another treatment is more suitable, we will always suggest it as we want you to be happy with the results and confident with your smile. If Six Month Smiles is appropriate, we check your teeth thoroughly, taking impressions and photographs to ensure that your teeth and gums are sound. Whatever option you choose, your braces are individually made to fit your mouth. During the treatment, we check progress regularly and adjust if necessary. When your teeth are in the correct position and you are happy with the results, a retainer is worn at night to keep them where they need to be.

If you would like to find out more about Six Month Smiles in Glasgow, do get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your options today.