A straightforward solution to crooked smiles

Are crooked, crowded or poorly spaced teeth making you self-conscious about your appearance? Your smile is the first thing that people notice, but if you are not happy about how you look, it can affect your social and professional interactions and start to also affect how you feel. At Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, braces have transformed life for people who were previously feeling awkward about their smiles, hiding their teeth and feeling ill at ease. Teeth that are out of place can also cause other difficulties.

Why are straight teeth important?

Aside from detracting from your appearance, crooked teeth can affect your oral health. Correctly positioned teeth are easier to clean as there are fewer spaces for plaque to accumulate. This keeps your teeth and gums strong. If the misalignment is severe, there may be issues how the upper and lower teeth fit together. This is known as a poor bite and can cause problems with eating, speaking, pain or facial development in children. Having braces at an early age, usually when there is a mixture of adult and baby teeth, ensures that the teeth and jaw develop normally. However, if you are an adult who has missed out on corrective procedures as a child, we offer braces in Glasgow for all ages.

Options to suit everyone

We provide braces in Glasgow for NHS and private patients and can help you whether your misalignment is mild or severe. If you choose the private option, then treatment time is generally quicker and you will have a greater range of braces available to you. If you are having NHS treatment, we can offer fixed or removable braces for moderate to severe problems. For less serious issues or if you would like to explore alternative techniques then private treatment may be more suitable. Modern procedures including clear or invisible braces mean that having straighter teeth is less obtrusive, faster and more comfortable than before. Whatever option you choose, you will wear a retainer at the end of the work to ensure that the results last.

Become another of our patients who have benefited from braces in Glasgow and get in touch with us today.