Six Month Smiles in Glasgow

The benefits of Six Month Smiles in Glasgow

Some people have serious tooth alignment issues that need extensive treatment with braces on all of their teeth. Others can be lucky enough not to need this. If you suffer from minor alignment issues that mainly affect the look of your teeth that are visible when you smile, Six Month Smiles could be a great solution.

Six Month Smiles – braces for adults

Six Month Smiles are cosmetic braces designed to deal with tooth correction issues. Most adults don’t need heavy brace work to achieve a great smile. It is quite common for adults, whether they have had brace work before or not, to have imperfections in their front teeth. Some experience changes in the alignment of their teeth over time as they get older. Six Month Smiles in Glasgow is great for addressing small imperfections or changes. If you have slightly crooked, spaced, twisted or sticking out front teeth, Six Month Smiles can be a cost effective, quick solution.

We offer Six Month Smiles in Glasgow to people who can benefit from tweaks to the alignment of their front teeth. Because of the small selection of teeth being moved and the subtlety of the movements required, the look of teeth will usually move to their desired position in approximately 4-9 months, six on average.

Why choose Park Orthodontics?

Six Month Smiles is sometimes offered by local family dentist, who can fit Six Month Smiles in Glasgow by attending a short course of 1-3 days. Our staff fitting Six Month Smiles receive of at least six years of training in teeth movement before going on to fitting braces. They are experienced in treating a large range of alignment problems.

Some think that visiting Park Orthodontics for Six Month Smiles in Glasgow will be an expensive choice. In fact our prices are competitive and often more cost effective than visiting a family dentist for the same treatment. We are able to offer good prices because we do not have to pay large setup costs for offering Six Month Smiles.

If you would like to smile more confidently, get in touch to book an appointment and find out your options.