Braces in Glasgow

Well-positioned teeth

The positioning of your teeth affects your oral hygiene and your cosmetic appeal. Here at Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, braces come in a variety of styles to suit a wide range of dental repositioning requirements. We consistently achieve impressive results with discreet and user-friendly braces. We can help you if you have a misaligned bite, a crooked smile, or front teeth that stick out too much. Even small adjustments to a few teeth can have a dramatic effect.

The benefits of braces in Glasgow

When you come to our dental practice, our team will assess your oral health and find out how you’d like your smile to look in the future. We can then recommend the most appropriate way to achieve this.

With treatments like Six Month Smiles or Invisalign, transparent and tooth-coloured materials make the realignment appliance virtually invisible. This greatly reduces the potential embarrassment that can make people avoid having braces in Glasgow. As well as being well-hidden, the appliances are lightweight and user-friendly. When you wear Invisalign aligners, you can remove them from your mouth when you need to eat a meal or clean your teeth.

We can attach wire-and-bracket braces to the backs of your teeth, so that they don’t make a visual impact when you open your mouth.

Health improvements

When your teeth are straighter, you’ll find them easier to keep clean. This is because there’ll be fewer awkward areas among your teeth that your toothbrush has difficulty accessing. Your overall risk of tooth decay and gum disease is thus reduced.

With a properly-aligned bite, you’ll be putting less strain on your jaw when you eat. Your risk of injury is reduced and mealtimes might become a more pleasant experience.

Time and patience

Simple adjustments are generally quicker than more complex transformations, but it still takes a bit of time to achieve a straighter smile. You’ll probably be wearing braces in Glasgow for 6-12 months or longer. We’ll always let you know how long treatment will take before it begins. After it’s all over, you’ll be enjoying the oral health and cosmetic benefits for many years. Transforming your smile can improve your overall quality of life.