Your teeth, take care of them

Your teeth play an important role in your health, on several levels. They are your food mashers for turning delicious meals into a paste that you can swallow and your digestive tract can extract the nutrients from. They are part of your charm, creating that winning smile that lands you great jobs, lovely partners and help from all sorts of unexpected places. They are part of the team that help you enunciate your words clearly. You only get one set of teeth; take good care of them. And if they are not straight, bring them to see an orthodontist in Glasgow.

At Park Orthodontics, you can see a trained orthodontist in Glasgow, either through a referral from your general dentist or by booking an appointment yourself. We have been straightening teeth in this lovely city for more than 40 years. We really know as much as anyone can know about teeth straightening: the crowded, leaning, gappy, twisted, undescended, protruding teeth; the cross, over and under bites; and, the jaws that are too narrow to accommodate all your teeth.

We also know all there is to know about the various devices on the dental market for straightening teeth and sorting out misaligned jaws or jaws that are not broad enough.

We are not wedded to any brand and can offer you impartial advice about which device is best for your needs. We can tell you if this or that device really is as invisible as the adverts says it is, whether it really is that comfortable, and easy to remove, or whether it can straighten teeth faster than other devices on the market.

If you come to us hell bent on using such and such a device even though there is one that will suit you as well or better but will cost less, we will tell you about it. You may even find that certain brands are cheaper with us than a general dentist.

In short, when you come to this orthodontist in Glasgow, we will put you at the top of the list of our priorities, because we want you to leave our care with the lovely straight teeth you have always wanted.