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Before & After

Take a look at some of the incredible smiles we've had the pleasure of transforming.

Sophia. 26 years old

Treatment: Damon Clear Braces

Sofia was referred to us by her dentist because a tooth required removal. Rather than having an implant replacement, we closed the spaces with Damon Clear braces to achieve this great result in 16 months. 

Bethany, 23 years old

Treatment: Invisalign

Beth had always been self-consious about her smile and had been told by her dentist that she needed traditional fixed braces to fix this. After 9 months with Invisalign, Beth was understandably delighted with the outcome. 

Elaine, 36 years old

Treatment: Invisalign

Dental nurse Elaine had traditional braces as a teenager and suffered a 'relapse' of the alignment. She also had gum recession. Using Invisalign we were able to gently restraighten the teeh over 12 months and without damaging the gums.

Stephanie, 30 years old

Treatment: Invisalign

Stephanie contacted the practice concerned about her smile cosmetics. Using a cosmetic version of Invisalign (Invisalign Lite), we were able to get her smiling with confidence in only 12 months and with no  impact on her busy social calendar

Matt, 26 years old

Treatment: Damon Clear Fixed Braces

Matt had traditional fixed NHS braces as a teenager and had suffered some movement over the years. Using Damon Clear braces as a more consmetic solution in adhulthood, he was smiling again after 19 months. 

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