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I was thinking about having braces for a good few years. When I was younger, say 16/17 I was told that I didn't really need them....but I noticed that my teeth began to get a bit more crooked as the years went on...My dentist recommended Park Orthodontics...and I decided to go down the route of white porcelain braces...I didn't want my braces to be in everyone's face especially with type of work I do....The results have been absolutely phenomenal, I'm just so, so happy with them...The staff here have been phenomenal, everyone is so friendly...and they've been fantastic from start to finish

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Park Orthodontics £ Glasgow 0141 332 5107 Park Orthodontics

I had lingual braces on top and bottom teeth and the reason was I had braces when I was a teenager and they had all started to get fairly crooked so I wanted a better smile now that I am an adult. I was engaged and I was keen to have a better smile for my wedding.

My experience of getting them was great just the same as getting them on your front teeth it’s no more invasive or uncomfortable…

…The base thing for me was that you couldn’t see them at all and nobody knew I had braces unless I told them. I have had a fantastic result with them and I am really happy and I am so delighted that I have gone ahead with them and now I can smile with confidence.

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Park Orthodontics £ Glasgow 0141 332 5107 Park Orthodontics

I had an overlapping front tooth that was getting progressively worse as i got older and it was leaving me feeling increasingly self conscious. After hearing about how good Park Orthodontics were, I decided to have it rectified. After discussing my treatment options with Mr McGregor, it was decided that the ‘clear fixed’ brace would be best for me.

Mr McGregor explained that this type of brace would provide me with the best results and cosmetically, were much less noticeable than some other braces available. I was particularly concerned about how the brace would look when it was fitted as my job involves coming face to face with the public, however they were so subtle that even members of my family didn’t notice that I was wearing a brace!

The service at this practice has been second to none. The care and attention from every member of staff was exceptional and Mr McGregor clearly has a real love for his profession, had a wonderful manner and fully explained every procedure along the way.

After wearing the brace for six months, I now have the perfectly straight teeth I have always wanted and could not be more delighted with the results. I would definitely recommend Park Orthodontics to anyone wanting any sort of dental treatment and would highly recommend the same procedure I received.

I can now finally smile brightly with confidence, it has definitely proven to be a life changing investment of time and money.

Park Orthodontics £ Glasgow 0141 332 5107 Park Orthodontics

As a teenager I was no stranger to the orthodontist, I had varying forms of braces over 3-4 years to correct severe overcrowding particularly in my top set of teeth. This was successful but unfortunately in my mid 20s I lost my retainer and my teeth began reverting back towards their original position. My job involves a large amount of daily face-to-face communication and my squint teeth were really starting to affect my self-confidence. One of my best friends had also asked me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding therefore I decided it was time to do something about my smile!

Mr McGregor took the time to explain my options thoroughly and was very patient & accommodating during my initial period of indecision! We agreed that a top & bottom set of fixed braces were the most suitable for my needs and to minimize the risk of my teeth moving again post treatment that I would be fitted with both fixed & removable retainers. Everyone at the practice was so friendly during every visit of my 15 month treatment and has really made me feel at ease, making the whole experience straightforward (and dare I say enjoyable?!). I would highly recommend anyone with similar problems to myself to contact the practice for consultation.

I honestly couldn’t be happier with the results and the feedback I have had from friends, family and colleagues has been fantastic. I can smile with confidence again and when talking about value for money that, to me, is invaluable. Thanks again

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Park Orthodontics £ Glasgow 0141 332 5107 Park Orthodontics

The reason why I decided I needed braces was the fact that, many years ago, when I got braces when I was younger, they straightened my teeth except for one tooth.

Over the years the dentist said to me that it's part of my personality now: it didn't need to be touched. However, as time went on I noticed that photographs were showing my mouth as one tooth missing! So I decided to do something about it.

I thought my age might be a problem, but it turns out it isn't, so I spoke to Park Orthodontics to ask if I could see someone about it. They were very helpful; very professional and they gave me a set of clear braces which was ideal because it meant that people didn't really notice that I had braces in my mouth. In fact several friends I had to point it out to them: they had no idea I was wearing them!

They were on for about six months. I had no problem whatsoever with them.

After six months they took my braces off and I was amazed at how my smile had developed.

I didn't have to position myself in photos anymore!...and I was able to smile with confidence.

If anyone asks me; would I do it again? Absolutely! I would certainly recommend Park Orthodontics.