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Six Month Smiles in Glasgow

You may have heard of certain types of brace that claim to straighten squint teeth faster than traditional braces. These brands include 'Six Month Smiles', 'Inman Aligners', 'Quick Straight Teeth' and 'Fast Braces' amongst others. Often you'll see these advertised in family dental practices when attending for a checkup or routine dental work.

It is important to understand that these braces are designed to allow family dentists to carry out simple orthodontic treatment only.

They do NOT move teeth any faster than standard braces!

At Park Orthodontics with offer Six Month Smiles in Glasgow as one of an array of teeth straightening solutions.

What's the Difference?

To start providing orthodontic treatment with these braces a family dentist can attend a course for one to three days. A specialist orthodontist must complete at least six years full time training to become qualified. Specialists therefore have the knowledge and experience to explain the wide range of treatment options, not simply offer a basic brace.

Sometimes aligning only the front teeth which are visible when smiling is perfectly OK and we will always offer this when appropriate. This means teeth will improve within six months because there is only small amounts of movements required. The braces are exactly the same!

Have a look at our 'Mini Brace' section and this video from the British Orthodontic Society for more information:

six month video
Is Specialist Orthodontic Treatment More Expensive Than My Dentist?

In most cases, no! And for six month smile correction, specialist care is generally a lot less expensive. Our prices for this type of smile correction start at £850 compared to the average of £2000 for the equivalent brace carried out by a dentist. The reason we can offer this huge discount is because we do not have to pay the brace companies large setup costs.

So if you would like to smile confidently under the care of an experienced specialist please get in touch with our team to start running through your options.