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Dental Monitoring — Cutting-Edge Technology for a Perfect Smile!

Are you looking to experience the future of dental care? Look no further!

Dr Andrew McGregor’s Park Orthodontics clinic in Glasgow is known for providing exceptional and consistent results to patients of all ages.

With Dental Monitoring, you can now send photos of your teeth and securely keep in touch with your dental practice from the convenience of your home or anywhere in the world, thanks to the DentalMonitoring app and ScanBox pro.

At Park Orthodontics, you can finally enjoy the benefits of having a perfect smile with the help of our experts. Don’t hesitate to give it a try today!


Subject to age and status, minimum spend applies.

ScanBox pro with app

It's Time for Ultra-Modern Dental Treatments!

Park Orthodontics provides Dental Monitoring, a cutting-edge orthodontic tool that facilitates communication between you and your orthodontist from anywhere in the world without making unnecessary visits to the practice.

With the DentalMonitoring app, your orthodontist can remotely monitor your teeth during or before orthodontic treatment. Using ScanBox pro’s photo time-lapse technology, you can track tooth movement progress over time.

Your dental goals matter to us. That is why we use state-of-the-art technology to help you smile with total confidence!

Patient using a Scanbox

Discover The Benefits of Dental Monitoring

  • Allow your orthodontist to track your dental progress remotely and help them identify any possible issues and adjust treatments more promptly.
  • Capture images of your teeth with ScanBox pro without requiring frequent in-person appointments with the orthodontist. This can provide a more convenient and less stressful treatment process.
  • Use the highly accurate Dental Monitoring software to receive accurate treatment plans and better treatment outcomes.
  • Communicate with your orthodontist more easily and enjoy a stronger patient-practitioner relationship.

ScanBox pro: Because innovation never stops

Learning how to use the new ScanBox Pro doesn’t have to be intimidating.

DentalMonitoring has created a wide variety of helpful videos that can give you an understanding of what you need to do.

A collection of tutorials will help you take full advantage of the features inside the app so that you can get the most out of DentalMonitoring.

So if you want an easy and accessible way to learn about ScanBox Pro, then make sure to check out our video tutorials; we know they will help your process go more smoothly.

  • Video 1 – Get an inside look at ScanBox Pro’s DentalMonitoring patient presentation
  • Video 2 – How to Pair Up Your ScanBox Pro with your Smartphone
  • Video 3 – How to use ScanBox Pro with aligners
  • Video 4 – How to use ScanBox Pro with braces

How Does Dental Monitoring Work?

With the DentalMonitoring app and ScanBox pro, you can now send photos of your teeth and communicate securely with your orthodontic practice from the comfort of your home – or anywhere in the world, for that matter!

Scanbox Pro

Have Questions About Our Dental Monitoring Solutions?

If you have questions regarding our Dental Monitoring solutions, do not hesitate to reach out to Park Orthodontics.

Our team is readily available to address your enquiries and assist you in determining the best approach to achieve the smile of your dreams!

Scanbox Pro Consultation

Schedule Your Dental Monitoring Consultation Now

Your perfect smile is our mission!

Request a consultation with Park Orthodontics in Glasgow today to determine if Dental Monitoring is the right choice for you. Our team is excited to meet and assist you!


Patient Testimonials

You can also take a look at our 5-Star Google & Facebook reviews from happy patients.

“Just wanted to say a big Thank you to all the team at Park Orthodontics in Glasgow. My son had his braces taken off today after 18 months and his new straight teeth look amazing. From day one the teeth straightening service at Park has been first class!”
Carol McGowan, Old Kilpatrick
“I've just finished my 'active' treatment with Park Orthodontics and I am more than happy with my results. The whole team were very welcoming and professional and put me at ease for all my appointments. I could not recommend Park Orthodontics more!”
Hannah Yahya, Rothesay, Argyll and Bute
“Nothing but professional, my daughter Sarah got her braces off today after nearly 2 years and I can’t get her away from the mirror, the difference is unbelievable! Everyone at the practice have been great . I couldn’t recommend them higher!”
Alan Wright, Glasgow

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Dental Monitoring, ScanBox Pro and the DentalMonitoring App.

DentalMonitoring is an innovative and revolutionary way to monitor your dental health. It enables you to track the progress of treatments, receive reminders when it’s time for appointments and check-ups, and get treatment plans tailored to your specific needs, all from the convenience of a DentalMonitoring app. On top of that, DentalMonitoring offers secure online communication with your dental health professionals so you can ask questions, get advice, and access urgent care without leaving home. With DentalMonitoring keeping a close eye on your dental health has never been easier!

DentalMonitoring offers numerous benefits for dental practitioners and patients alike. With its intuitive interface and cutting-edge technology, DentalMonitoring makes recording and reviewing monthly dental visits easier. So why not give it a try today? You and your dentist could benefit from this amazing app's convenience!

The DentalMonitoring app is a great tool for monitoring your dental health, and it's available on a variety of platforms. It is compatible with iPhones and Android devices. If you're an Apple user, you can use the app with iPhone 7 or higher. Android users need to make sure their smartphone uses OS 5.0 (or higher).

Whichever device you use, you can be sure that DentalMonitoring provides comprehensive tools and features to help monitor your dental health.

DentalMonitoring is the perfect way to keep your smile shining bright! Their innovative app for mobile devices provides a convenient and comprehensive way to track your oral health progress.

DentalMonitoring offers features such as secure storage of dental images and 3D scans, diagnosed conditions and treatments, monitoring of temperature changes, automatic alerts of detected conditions, video consultations with a dental professional, quick diagnosis of teeth issues, and a full set of statistics and analytics to measure your progression across multiple visits. With DentalMonitoring, you'll be sure to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful!

Signing up for DentalMonitoring is easy and convenient! All you need to do is download the DentalMonitoring app from either the App Store or Google Play. Once installed, simply fill out your profile information and take advantage of all the features DentalMonitoring can provide for your oral health.

When your monitoring starts, your orthodontist sends you an activation email with everything you need to log in.

Don't worry about a lengthy registration because signing up takes a few minutes. You'll be ready to get started with DentalMonitoring in no time!

Downloading the DentalMonitoring app is quick and easy. All you need to do is search for "DentalMonitoring" on Google Play or Apple App Store and click the install button. Once you have completed the installation, you can create an account and start using all its features – from scheduling appointments to monitoring your progress. Downloading the DM app has never been easier!

DentalMonitoring app is the perfect solution for people looking to make dental care more accessible and convenient.

The app works by combining innovative technology with data from dentists and patients to produce automatic insights about oral health. Users will be able to access their own dental records in real-time, schedule appointments, and receive advice based on their individual needs.

DentalMonitoring app does all of this in a safe and secure environment, protecting users' privacy and giving them the confidence that their personal data is kept secure. With an easy-to-use interface and support from professional dentists, anyone can use the DentalMonitoring app to stay up-to-date on their oral health.

The DentalMonitoring app is an incredibly helpful tool for dentists, providing detailed insights into a patient's dental health. Fortunately, it can also be accessed by patients to help them keep track of their teeth and gums. The great news is that the DentalMonitoring app is completely free, so take advantage of its cutting-edge features! Whether you're a dentist or a patient, DentalMonitoring makes keeping up with your dental health much easier.

Adding your dental information to the DentalMonitoring app has never been easier! All you need is a smartphone, and you can quickly and easily input your dental details onto the platform. All of your personal information is kept secure, so you can access it anytime from anywhere with complete peace of mind.

The intuitive design ensures that updating your information in the future only takes minutes. With DentalMonitoring, managing your dental health has become an efficient and effortless task.

Have a question that wasn't answered here? The best way to get your question answered is to reach out directly to Park Orthodontic's team! With DentalMonitoring, you can easily contact us straight from the app or the contact us page on our website. Our experienced and professional team takes pride in providing as much help as we can and answering any questions you may have about the DentalMonitoring app. Give us a try - contact us and find out all you need to know about DentalMonitoring!

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