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3 Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

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Are you considering orthodontic treatment? Invisalign could be the perfect solution for you. This modern alternative to braces offers a range of advantages, including improved comfort, convenience, and aesthetics.

In this article, we will discuss three major benefits of undergoing Invisalign treatment — from improving your oral health to boosting confidence with an aesthetically pleasing smile. So, if you’re looking for a discreet way to improve your teeth alignment and get that perfect smile, read on!

Invisalign Treatment — What It Is and How It Works


So, what is Invisalign treatment? Put simply, it is a revolutionary orthodontic method that uses Invisalign clear aligners to discreetly and effectively straighten teeth. This innovative treatment was developed with the aim of providing an alternative to metal braces. Here is the process explained:

  • The Invisalign treatment begins with an evaluation using 3D imaging technology to create a detailed image of the patient’s mouth. Based on this image, the orthodontist will prescribe customised Invisalign aligners which the patient will wear for 22 hours each day for several weeks or months depending on the severity of their misalignment. The aligner gently shifts teeth over time into their desired positions in order to create a beautiful and healthy smile. This treatment has been used with great success in treating orthodontic issues such as gapped teeth.
  • In addition to being more discreet than metal braces, Invisalign treatment offers many other benefits including improved comfort and fewer dietary restrictions.
  • With the advanced clear aligner system, it’s also easier to keep your teeth clean during treatment, since you can simply remove the aligner when brushing and flossing as normal.

In short, Invisalign provides an effective alternative solution to traditional metal braces. With minimal intrusion on your way to a more confident smile, Invisalign works seemingly unnoticeable in the background to help you achieve the trademarked Invisalign smile.

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Convenience Is Key

Invisalign virtual care

Invisalign treatment involves a custom treatment plan heavily dependent on the “famous” removable aligners made of clear plastic. Not only do these offer a much more discreet look than traditional braces, but they are also comfortable and convenient.

The first benefit of undergoing Invisalign treatment is that it eliminates the need for brackets and wires. This makes Invisalign a much more comfortable appliance to wear day to day.

Additionally, when you wear Invisalign, the aligners are virtually invisible when worn. This means you can go about your everyday life with confidence knowing that no one will be able to tell you are going for a new smile.

Unlike traditional braces which require frequent check-ups and adjustments by an orthodontist, with the Invisalign process, visits to your orthodontic specialist are not that often. How come? With the help of the Invisalign Virtual Care platform. With the accompanying app, you can share photos with your specialist and receive feedback on your progress, all done from the comfort of your own home.

More so, many patients prefer Invisalign braces over the traditional approach because it causes less discomfort. This means mouth sores or irritation due to the wires and brackets rubbing against soft tissue inside the mouth, are a thing of the past.

This leads us nicely to a common question our clients ask us — is Invisalign treatment painful? Well, because the aligners are made from smooth plastic material and fit snugly around each tooth without any metal pieces poking out or rubbing against gums and cheeks, we find patients experience less pain throughout their treatment process.

Improved Oral Health

As mentioned in the “how does Invisalign work” section, the system uses smooth plastic trays rather than metal wires and brackets in order to move teeth gradually into their position. This makes them significantly more comfortable than regular braces. They are designed to be worn for up to 22 hours a day but can easily be taken out to eat or clean, providing much more convenience than traditional braces.

This also makes it easier for patients to keep their teeth clean and healthy during their Invisalign treatment. Since the trays can simply be removed when brushing or flossing, there is no need for extra time or effort spent cleaning around metal wires or brackets.

Invisalign treatment offers improved oral health since it gently moves teeth into their ideal alignment over time. By properly positioning teeth in the mouth, it can help prevent misalignment issues such as overcrowding which can potentially worsen gum disease and tooth decay. Additionally, having straight teeth makes it easier to properly brush and floss your teeth which helps reduce the risk of these dental problems.

A Beautiful Smile — The End Result

A beautiful smile is the best accessory anyone can have. Unfortunately, for many of us, our teeth may be crooked or misaligned, which can cause us to feel embarrassed and self-conscious when it comes to smiling.

Fortunately, with the help of Invisalign treatment, you can achieve a beautiful, straight smile that will make you beam with confidence!

Your smile journey with Invisalign is easy and straightforward. You simply start with a smile assessment at your orthodontist who will take precise measurements of your teeth and create a personalised treatment plan for you. Then, you’ll get your custom set of aligners which will gradually move your teeth over time into their optimal position based on your treatment plan.

Invisalign Treatment Made Easy With Park Orthodontics

Nathan and itero

As an Invisalign Diamond Provider, we make it our absolute mission to provide exceptional and uniform results for our patients no matter their age.

To make it even easier to get the results you need, we use the Invisalign virtual care solution with utmost efficiency. This way you don’t have to worry about scheduling dentist visits into your already busy life. With us, your treatment can progress as easily as one-two-three! Check out our process below:

Bottom Line

Invisalign treatment is an effective and efficient orthodontic solution that offers a wide range of benefits to those looking for quality, discreet dental care.

With its custom-made alignment trays, Invisalign can help you achieve the perfect smile without having to worry about wearing metal braces or brackets. Not only does it provide excellent results in less time than traditional methods, but it also helps maintain your oral hygiene more easily since there are no wires or brackets to clean around.

If you’re looking for a comfortable and convenient way to get your teeth straightened out quickly with minimal discomfort, then why not start your journey toward a more confident smile today?

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Dr Andrew McGregor

Andrew completed his three years of orthodontic specialist training in 2010 gaining his Masters degree and Membership in Orthodontics and has worked at Park Orthodontics since then. As an orthodontic specialist he has treated thousands of patients ranging from simple bite correction in children to complex smile and bite makeovers in adults. Andrew is a member of the British Orthodontic Society, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Scottish Orthodontic Specialists Group and the British Lingual Orthodontic Society.

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