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Invisalign® Virtual Care — The Ultimate Remote Solution for Your Perfect Smile

Ready for the future of dental care? It’s right here!

Dr Andrew McGregor’s clinic in Glasgow has gained a reputation for delivering exceptional and uniform results for patients of all ages as an Invisalign® Diamond Provider.

The Invisalign® Virtual Care solution enables orthodontists to remotely oversee a patient’s treatment by assessing photos submitted via the My Invisalign® app, eliminating the need for in-person check-ups between appointments.

Park Orthodontics can help you take care of your beautiful smile in a matter of seconds, all with the help of Invisalign® Virtual Care. Give it a try today!


Subject to age and status, minimum spend applies.

Remote Patient Monitoring Is Here to Stay!

Park Orthodontics provides Invisalign® Virtual Care, the ultimate way to remain connected with your Invisalign® provider from anywhere.

With the My Invisalign® app, you can share photos with your doctor, receive feedback, and ensure that you progress as planned towards achieving your new smile!

You can be reassured that your doctor is monitoring your Invisalign® journey, providing you, your child, or your teenager with confidence and peace of mind!

Invisalign mobile app

Discover The Benefits of Invisalign® Virtual Care

  • Allow your orthodontist to monitor your treatment progress remotely and offer you quick feedback and adjustments, regardless of your busy schedule or the remote area you might be living in.
  • Make less frequent in-person visits for your Invisalign® without having to schedule multiple appointments or taking time off from work or school.
  • Receive the care you deserve from the comfort of your home and only visit us when it’s imperative to do so.
  • Feel more confident and reassured in your Invisalign® journey by enjoying the benefits of better communication with your orthodontist.

How Does Invisalign® Virtual Care Work?

Invisalign® Virtual Care is a convenient and revolutionary way to receive treatment and supervision right from your mobile phone!

In just three easy steps, you can begin your Invisalign® treatment virtually with one of our Invisalign-certified orthodontists. With Invisalign Virtual Care, you can maintain your active lifestyle without taking time off from your daily commitments just for dental visits.

So why delay? Get started on your Invisalign journey today!

Orthodontist explaining Invisalign virtual care

Have Questions About Our Invisalign® Solutions?

If you have questions regarding Invisalign® teeth straightening solutions, do not hesitate to contact Park Orthodontics.

Our team is readily available to address your inquiries and assist you in determining the best approach to achieve your desired Invisalign® outcome.

Schedule Your Invisalign® Consultation Now

You deserve to smile with total confidence.

Request a consultation with Park Orthodontics in Glasgow today to determine if Invisalign® is the right choice for you, your child, or your teenager. Our team is excited to meet and assist you!


Patient Testimonials

You can also take a look at our 5-Star Google & Facebook reviews from happy patients.

“Just wanted to say a big Thank you to all the team at Park Orthodontics in Glasgow. My son had his braces taken off today after 18 months and his new straight teeth look amazing. From day one the teeth straightening service at Park has been first class!”
Carol McGowan, Old Kilpatrick
“I've just finished my 'active' treatment with Park Orthodontics and I am more than happy with my results. The whole team were very welcoming and professional and put me at ease for all my appointments. I could not recommend Park Orthodontics more!”
Hannah Yahya, Rothesay, Argyll and Bute
“Nothing but professional, my daughter Sarah got her braces off today after nearly 2 years and I can’t get her away from the mirror, the difference is unbelievable! Everyone at the practice have been great . I couldn’t recommend them higher!”
Alan Wright, Glasgow
Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Invisalign® Virtual Care.

Invisalign® Virtual Care is an exciting innovation for people who want straight teeth without braces.

Invisalign® allows orthodontists to fit aligners long-distance for patients across the world.

Invisalign® Virtual Care processes start with a photo or scan of your teeth, and from there, Invisalign® patients will have virtual visits with their local Invisalign provider, session by session. This process ensures that Invisalign treatment is as safe, effective and convenient as possible since it can be done online while still offering the same excellent results as traditional Invisalign treatment!

What's more, Invisalign® specialists can still offer high levels of individualised care despite the virtual nature of this technology - making Invisalign Virtual Care an excellent option for those looking for convenient orthodontic solutions.

Invisalign® Virtual Care provides many advantages for those looking to get their teeth aligned or maintained. This convenient service allows individuals to communicate with Invisalign-certified professionals while avoiding the inconvenience of an in-person visit.

Invisalign Virtual Care is a secure system that utilises online video conferencing technology so people can access orthodontic advice from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

In addition to being more flexible and time-efficient, Invisalign Virtual Care enables patients to receive personalised treatment plans tailored to address their individual needs without ever having to step foot into a dental practice.

Invisalign® Virtual Care provides a safe and convenient way for Invisalign® providers to stay connected with their patients anywhere in the world.

Invisalign® Virtual Care empowers Invisalign providers to manage patient care even when face-to-face visits are impossible. It enables communication through audio and video conferencing, all from the comfort of your home. Invisalign providers can review treatment progress, check on Invisalign aligner wear and perform other necessary treatment activities while maintaining a high level of accountability.

In addition, Invisalign providers can help answer any questions that may arise during treatment by providing expertise on Invisalign technology and Invisalign products. In this way, Invisalign Virtual Care helps ensure you get the best possible outcome with Invisalign treatment - no matter where you are!

Invisalign Virtual Care is easy to get started with, making it an ideal choice for your Invisalign treatment. You need to download their app, choose the Invisalign subscription that fits your needs, and schedule your Invisalign consultation through the app itself.

Once you complete the consultation with an Invisalign doctor, receiving your Invisalign aligners and tracking their progress will be taken care of with Invisalign’s latest technology in orthodontic treatments. In no time, you will be on your way to the smile you’ve been dreaming of!

Invisalign treatment is a revolutionary orthodontic process to help straighten teeth and achieve the perfect smile. The Invisalign treatment consists of several steps. First, you will need to schedule an appointment with your Invisalign provider to evaluate and assess your specific needs.

Second, you will be provided with custom-made Invisalign aligners explicitly designed for your individual dental needs. In addition, you should keep track of the progress by routinely visiting your Invisalign doctor throughout your Invisalign process.

Finally, when your Invisalign treatment course is complete and you have achieved the desired outcomes, an invisible retainer will be fitted over your teeth to ensure they stay in place and maintain their newly aligned position. With Invisalign treatment, you can get the smile you have always wanted without dealing with uncomfortable traditional braces!

Invisalign treatment is an excellent way to get your ideal smile in a relatively short amount of time. Depending on the severity of your case, it could take anywhere from three to sixteen months for Invisalign treatment to produce stunning results.

Individual results may vary, and you should discuss your expectations with your Invisalign provider during your initial consultation. Invisalign is an excellent fit if you want straighter teeth without worrying about traditional braces taking years to complete!

Invisalign treatment costs vary depending on the severity of your particular dental issue. The Invisalign system uses advanced 3D imaging technology to create custom-made aligners for each patient, meaning that each Invisalign treatment is tailored to their needs. Thus pricing can shift from person to person. In general, the Invisalign treatment cost ranges from £2100 to £5250.

It's important to note that Invisalign treatments are typically just as effective as traditional metal braces and need fewer orthodontists visits — meaning you're more likely to save in the long run. Don't hesitate to reach out and ask about Invisalign today!

Invisalign treatment is a great way to achieve the perfect smile, and what's even better is that Invisalign payment options are customised to suit any budget!

Invisalign payment can be made as one lump sum, with an upfront discounted fee, or Invisalign planning programs allow for an affordable monthly cost. There's never been a better time to get Invisalign and find the right payment plan that works best for you.

Invisalign financing options are available to make this revolutionary straightening technology an affordable solution for many. Invisalign utilises a series of customised, removable aligners that can often provide results in as little as 12 months. In addition to Invisalign’s many benefits and flexibility, several financing options are available. These can include traditional payment plans.

So if you’re looking to start Invisalign treatment but need a financial helping hand, talk to your dentist or Invisalign provider today and explore the Invisalign financing options that may be suitable for you!

Invisalign aligners are a great way to improve your teeth' alignment discreetly. In most cases, you'll need to visit your Invisalign provider every 4-6 weeks to get new aligners and ensure that your treatment is progressing.

At each appointment, your Invisalign provider will assess the position of your teeth and ensure that the Invisalign aligners continue to fit correctly. In some cases, more frequent appointments may be necessary if your Invisalign aligners need to produce the desired results quickly enough. As always, speaking with your Invisalign provider about how often you should come in for adjustments and guidance on optimising your Invisalign treatment results is essential!

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