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What Are the Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment?

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The benefits of orthodontic treatment are many, leading more and more people in the UK to search out great orthodontists.

One recent study showed that 75% of orthodontists had seen an increase in interest in orthodontic services.

If that’s you, then this quick guide is for you.

While you likely understand the aesthetic benefits of orthodontic treatment, there are numerous other health-related benefits of interceptive orthodontic treatment and even early treatment in children.

Keep reading to learn how orthodontic treatment can benefit you and your loved ones. We’ve even provided a helpful breakdown of what kinds of services to expect.

What Is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is a branch of dentistry to correct irregularities. During this type of treatment, a qualified orthodontist will use various techniques to correct the alignment of your teeth.

In some cases, they’ll also work to correct the alignment of your jaw.

However, it’s not just about making your teeth look straight. Orthodontic treatment is great for a variety of different problems. This includes crowding, gaps between the teeth, and overbites.

Orthodontic treatment usually involves braces and devices attached to the teeth to move them into the correct position gradually.

Sometimes, your orthodontist might use other devices depending on your specific treatment plan.

How long does orthodontic treatment last? It honestly varies depending on the severity of the problem.

However, most people usually need this treatment for 12 to 24 months, but some cosmetic treatments can be done in under a year.

After you’ve completed your treatment, you’ll need to wear a retainer to hold your new teeth and bite in position. You can expect to have to wear this retainer for, well, the rest of your life (ideally).

What Do Orthodontic Services Include?

Orthodontic services encompass a wide range of dental treatments. Most of them focus on aligning the teeth and jaws.

Overall, our services help achieve the following:

  • Align the upper and lower dental arches
  • Correct your bite
  • Reduce the likelihood of damaged teeth due to misaligned bites
  • Enhance facial features
  • Prepare your teeth for advanced procedures such as dental implants

Remember that your treatment plan will be specific to your overall mouth and dental health needs. Common techniques include:

  • Braces
  • Clear aligners

Overall, the goal of orthodontic treatment is to improve the function and appearance of the teeth, creating a healthier and more attractive smile.

With so many different options available, our orthodontists can tailor a treatment plan to meet each patient’s unique needs.

This means that, when it comes down to it, whether you’re looking for a discreet solution or seeking to make a dramatic transformation, there’s an orthodontic treatment that’s right for you.

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Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

The most obvious benefit of orthodontic treatment is the improvement in the appearance of your teeth and smile.

However, there are also many functional benefits to orthodontic treatment.

Better Dental Hygiene

Successful orthodontic treatment is critical when teeth are crowded or too far apart because it can be difficult to keep them clean. This can theoretically lead to an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Orthodontic treatment can help improve the alignment of your teeth, making it easier to brush and floss effectively.

As a result, patients who undergo orthodontic treatment often enjoy better dental hygiene and a lower risk of oral health problems.

In addition to straightening teeth, after orthodontics, there is less opportunity for food particles to accumulate and potentially lower the risk of plaque and cavities.

More Symmetrical Face

If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about your smile, you might consider orthodontic treatment to help improve the symmetry of your face.

While traditional metal braces can be effective for this purpose, there are now newer, more discreet options available that can help you achieve the same results without drawing attention to your mouth.

In addition to improving the symmetry of your face, orthodontic treatment can also help to improve the function of your teeth and jaws, making it easier to eat and speak in some cases.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes

Orthodontic treatment has many benefits, including a reduced risk of heart disease and other diseases such as diabetes.

How does an improved smile impact your heart health? When you invest in orthodontic treatment, you can reduce the amount of plaque and tartar build-up around your teeth and gums.

This build-up can lead to gum disease, which has been linked to heart disease.

Likewise, most patients benefit from a reduced risk of diabetes. This is because certain infections from untreated dental diseases can increase your blood sugar levels. This makes it more difficult to control your blood sugar if you’re pre-diabetic.

Improved Quality of Sleep

If you snore or have sleep apnoea, you may find that your symptoms improve after you undergo orthodontic treatment.

This is because your teeth and jaw position can contribute to these problems.

By aligning your teeth and correcting your bite, orthodontic treatment can help you breathe more easily at night and reduce snoring.

As a result, you may find that you sleep more soundly and wake up feeling more rested.

In addition, improving your sleep quality can also lead to improved mental clarity and focus during the day. If you have been struggling with fatigue or poor concentration, orthodontic treatment may be able to help.

Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment in Kids

Orthodontic treatments aren’t simply for teens interested in braces. While more adults are getting braces, there are numerous benefits of early orthodontic treatment in kids, too.

By beginning treatment at an early age, orthodontists can take advantage of a child’s natural growth process to correct dental problems while they are still easily treatable.

In some cases, this can mean avoiding the need for more invasive treatments, such as jaw surgery, later. Early treatment can also help to improve a child’s bite and minimise the risk of cavities and other dental problems.

All in all, we recommend an early assessment to make a decision on the best treatment and timing. It allows our orthodontists to help achieve better results in a shorter amount of time. Early intervention can offer substantial benefits for kids and their parents in this context. You’ll save time and money.

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