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We believe that orthodontics is more than simply straightening teeth with braces.

Our goal Is to improve the health and appearance of our patients which enhances their well-being, self-esteem and confidence.

Just Orthodontics

We only straighten teeth. This is what we do day in, day out, so our experienced clinicians are ideally placed to recommend the most appropriate treatment for your particular needs. Before you invest your time and money in straightening your teeth, it only makes good sense to consult a highly qualified dentist, such as our orthodontists.

Many dentists offer braces that give a cosmetic enhancement, which is valuable and may be all that you are looking for. However, we understand that orthodontics isn't just about looking good – it's about how well your teeth work together. Our aim is to bring harmony to your jaw, mouth and teeth so they work as a whole, making sure you can chew most efficiently and keep your teeth healthy and disease-free. And this will also create a beautiful smile.

Not all braces are created equal and we can take you beyond the marketing hype to give a considered professional opinion about what is really going to serve your needs best.

We have long-standing relationships with braces suppliers, which means that we don't need to pay expensive set up costs every time we order from them. It may seem surprising, but treatment with an orthodontist can often be less expensive than with a general dentist because of this.

Discreet Braces

Many adults thinking about getting their teeth straightened dismiss it because they believe it means they will have to wear unsightly braces. This is no longer the case. Orthodontic treatment has advanced significantly in the last 30 years, both in terms of materials used and in treatment times, which means that teeth can be straightened quicker and more discreetly.

Our orthodontists are up to date with the latest treatments to offer you a way to straighten your smile without compromising your appearance. This includes:

  • Lingual braces, which fit to the back of the teeth and so are hidden from view;
  • Invisalign; clear, plastic aligners, which are transparent and virtually invisible;
  • Six Month Smiles, which are made from ceramic and tooth-coloured materials to blend into the teeth;
  • Damon braces, which have no elastics holding the wires and so are less visible and easier to clean.

These modern braces can be more comfortable than traditional metal ones.

Our Commitment to You

We are passionate about what we do. We were the first orthodontic practice in Glasgow when we opened our doors in 1972, and our commitment to our patients is as strong as when we first began.

We are rated as one of the top three orthodontists in Glasgow by Three Best Rated online review site. We are members of the British Dental Association, the British Lingual Orthodontic Society, the Specialist Orthodontic Society and British Orthodontic Society to make sure we keep up to date with industry developments and stay on top of our game. In 2017, we were finalists in the Scottish Aesthetics Awards and Andrew McGregor was shortlisted for Scottish Dentist of the Year.

As is required by law, our clinical team is registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) and we are governed by their strict regulations for dental practice. If ever you did have an issue with our treatment, you can contact our practice manager who will deal with your complaint seriously and promplty. For NHS patients who are not satisfied with how a complaint has been handled please contact the Glasgow Health Board, private patients please contact the Dental Complaint's service.

We don't just see ourselves as a business. We see ourselves as part of a community. We take an active role through our support of the Glasgow Children's Hospice Charity. We donate £1 for every toothbrush, mouthwash, retainer cleaner or tube of toothpaste we sell at our front desk and have raised over £2000 to date. We also sponsor young Scottish gymnast Taylor Richardson.


Our care for you doesn't stop when you walk out of the surgery. We give each patient detailed instructions on how to care for their braces, but, if the worst happens and your braces do break, we have detailed fact sheets and instructional videos available to help you fix the problem.

And if this doesn't solve the issue, we are here to fix it for you and offer any other support you need to help you to maintain your appliance.

We are located in the stylish Finnieston area of Glasgow's West End, overlooking Kelvingrove Park, near the restaurants, bars and cafes of Argyle Street. Finding us is simple too; we are a 10 minute walk from Exhibition Centre train station and two minutes drive from the M8 at Charing Cross.

Our experienced and friendly team are here to provide orthodontic treatment for children, teenagers and adults in Glasgow. Invisalign and discreet braces are especially popular, so please get in touch for a free consultation and start your journey to the smile you've always wanted!

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I probably started being unhappy with my teeth around my mid 20’s. My top teeth were quite bucked and crooked and my bottom teeth were very crooked and I just started to notice my teeth in photographs. My sister got married and I was her bridesmaid and when I look at the professional photos all I can see are my bad teeth. I then got engaged myself and I think that was the catalyst that got me thinking about getting my own teeth fixed up for the wedding. I think I just wanted to look my best on the day…