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Chief Morale Officer
GDC No. I’m a Dog, not a number! Woof

Always loyal. Never talks back. Permanently happy.  Cleans dropped food from the floor. What more could you want from a team member?” ~ Dr Andrew Mcgregor, Owner Park Orthodontics.


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Bagel joined the family as a young pup in November 2020.

His career had difficult beginnings, with frequent disciplinary action required following numerous chewed legs of furniture and failure to use the appropriate bathroom.

However, he proved a quick learner, and his relaxed and welcoming manner has made him a popular team member.

Bagel is prohibited from seeing orthodontic patients due to his lack of qualifications and poor hygiene standards.

He frequently joins the team on their days out around Loch Lomond and Glasgow to compensate for his lack of professional input.

In his spare time, Bagel likes to sleep, take Andrew and Fiona for runs and walkies, sleep some more and, of course, chase wild rabbits in his garden.

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